What would be your recommendation for matching speakers for my Superuniti

Hello Naim Community!
I am a newbie to this forum and I hope that the collective wisdom of the members can provide some suggestions and your opinion on the proposed system that I have in mind.
I have a SuperUniti setup in our living room as part of the music corner setup. At the moment my speakers are Magnepans .7 - I have been planning to upgrade them for a long time but this somehow never happened. Well, the time is now. My current speakers take too much space and, despite their wonderful mid-range, I’d like to add a bit better performance in the lower registers.
I am happy with my Superuniti so I’d like to keep it - even though there are other tempting options out there (so maybe I will consider replacing it with something else in the future). I listened to the Accoustic Energy AE501 bookshelf speakers and the AE308 sub at home with my SU but I didn’t like this setup too much. The speakers sounded great with Rega amplifier in the shop but they are too bright and harsh with the SU at home (despite trying them with the neutral cables).
At the moment I’m considering Paradigm Founder 80F as my best speaker candidates. I auditioned them with Uniti Star at a store in Stuttgart and they sounded great. Unfortunately, I cannot bring them home for the home test.
My question to you is: what do you think of this setup - the SuperUniti plus the Founder 80F? Do you have any recommendations for me? One of my somewhat ridiculous requirements is that the speakers have to come in a walnut finish (the family boss requires that to match the rest of the furniture…). Also, due to the space limitations the speakers would have to be positioned closely to the back wall and a glas window pane on one side. My budget would already be stretched by the 80Fs (4700 Euro per pair) so that’s another limitation.
What would be your recommendations? I would really appreciate it if you could provide your feedback to me - thanks in advance!

I am afraid it is next to impossible to provide proper advise. The Superuniti can drive a wide range of speakers and it is really up to your room and taste. AFAIK there are plenty of dealers in the south of Germany allowing home demo, so you may just want to go shopping?

Kef is a good combi!

How about this for a manageable shortlist: whatever any dealers within reasonable driving distance stock in your price range.

Unless you’re in central London, that simple rule above instantly gives most people a list of just 4-8 speakers.

Thanks for your response! Yes, I think I’ll have to do that. My hope (albeit remote one) was that someone on the forum might be familiar with the setup of the Superuniti and the Paradigm Founder 80F… but, yeah - I’ll have to shopping.

Thanks for your advice! I tried KEF R3 speakers with Superuniti and a couple of others but something was missing - nothing tangible like with AE501s but, nevertheless, no love there. Most likely my room setup is the problem - not an easy one to resolve given our layout.
I’ll continue looking…

Thanks for your advice! Yes, in retrospect it was a bit naive to expect a golden bullet advice - but my hope was that someone here may have tested the Superuniti with Founder 80Fs… but I’ll continue searching.

Look out for British speakers such as Neat, Kudos, PMC, ATC, Mycetias or original Naim.
There are plenty others such as vintage Spendor etc…
I’d stay clear of most Chinese made as they are build with low cost purpose.

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PMC 20.23 with my SuperUniti, work really well for music and TV, no sub required, even for films. Probably reasonable price too if you can find a preloved pair.

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That’s an interesting idea - I’ll try to find these and see what happens! :slight_smile:

No concern here - Paradigm speakers are designed and made close to my former home in Toronto, Canada… :slight_smile:

Should be pretty good, never heard others than the little SE Atom bookshelf, was pretty nice value.

Try the 25i range from PMC munch improved range

Thank you all very much for your input and suggestions! I’ll try several of the models that you recommended and see what happens. :slight_smile:
Best greetings from Stuttgart!

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