What would cause the hifi circuit fuse to trip?

I’ve a dedicated circuit with just the black boxes, EE8 & F1 PS on it. Last night the mains board fuse to that circuit tripped and all went off.

After carefully ensuring all boxes were switched off I reset the mains fuse switch, powered back up and all seems fine.

Any ideas what might cause this?



Breakers are there to detect faults, so if you cannot diagnose anything you should get an electrician in to check that nothing is amiss.

Is there any possibility that there was a power cut, even just a very brief flicker or ‘brownout’? The inrush current to your big Naim power supplies could have caused a trip if they all powered up simultaneously.

Is the breaker Type B or Type C?

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Thanks Chris. I’m not sure, and as it would mean moving the Christmas tree again…

There was the briefest flicker so I suspect the ‘Brown out’ you describe may be the culprit.

If it occurs again I’ll get an electrician out.


I don’t have a dedicated circuit for the system but I do have separate circuit breaker boxes for other reasons. Sometimes, very occasionally, one of the individual switches on the main consumer unit clicks off, sometimes the whole unit switches off at its main switch.

I don’t get the other units going off at the same time and there’s no obvious internal cause but sometimes there is a flicker to the lights, the phone and printer tweet off and on, the fridge stops etc for a split second as if there was a surge or some external disruption. There’s no subsequent indication that this was caused by any kit in the house.

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Perhaps when you next get a chance, take a photo of the dedicated circuit consumer unit fuse(s), and we should be able to help you from there.

Thanks very much.


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