What would you buy

Merry Crimbo my Naimers…I’m drunk!!

Buttt…I have been given a gift from the in-laws, and I am in a dilemma!!! 500 quid…Gaia stands or a proper powerline???

I have a Nova into Bowers & Wilkins CM10 s2…cables are witch hat phantoms…normal powerline lite.

Room is a normal carpeted living room…no treatment etc.

My question…as a wee present to oneself you never seen coming. What would you do??

Merry Christmas all x

In your shoes I’d try an ex-dem Powerline. Made an unexpectedly big difference in my system but need to try in your situation. Should be able to get one for under £400. Spend the rest on more booze!

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Wot he said!

2nd hand powerline has been the best update I’ve made to my Nova.

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Adding a power line to my Uniti years ago made a significant improvement.

Powerline here also or lifetime Roon membership.

Yep 2nd hand powerline or the EE switch.

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500 quid’s worth of CDs, downloads and a year’s streaming subscription.



Powerlines go for about £350 on eBay and make a genuine difference. That, and the rest on Qobuz or Tidal for a year

Thanks for all the replies chaps…I spent Boxing Day dying inside! :nauseated_face:

Looks pretty unanimous…second hand powerline it is. I think I’ll plumb the rest into the Russ Andrew’s power bar and power that with the powerline lite I will have surplus (My system doesn’t quite reach the sockets).

Still interested to see what the Gaia Isolation feet bring to the table. Both itches I’ve been wanting to scratch.

Merry Christmas all and thanks again.

I’m never drinking again…well until tonight


I’d opt for my local sparky adding a dedicated line to your kit if you don’t have that already.

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