What would you like to do after the nCorona is over?

I thought we are seeing many posts on the Corona thread and all about statistics and numbers and infected and worse…

We are also seeing the world changing before our eyes and we as individuals seem powerless to stop it.

But certainly - we as a joint group - have immense power in us.

We have the power to reflect and to make changes ( small or large ) in our lives - now that most of the world has realised that this virus can be an end game scenario for many.

I thought lets give hope
Lets believe

Lets write down - what we will do that we havent done yet - after the coronaV is gone or managed ?

Maybe some unknown wish thats yet to be fulfilled.

Maybe something that you would like to learn - that you havent done yet - maybe we were too busy with upgrades huh ?? :thinking:

Many of our friends on the forum are from places in lockdown - Italy - some in USA - some in UK - some are elderly some are mid life and some are young…

Lets give them something to dream about and write about

Lets give them hope while we say thanks to all the frontline medical staff.

Lets start making a wish or 2 or 3…

so who’s the first one ?

( I have a few wishes and i will write down once i firm up )

PS : No stats … no infections no politics no death scenarios…

Lets talk of life…

For sporting fans:
Reinstate the cricket season.
Watch the olympics, if / when they get cancelled.
If they must, complete the 6 Nations rugby tournament.

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what would you ( personally ) do ??

All of the above in the order listed






Go to Italy for the in-laws 75th birthday celebrations as planned, visit my friend in Naples and generally help the tourist economy wherever we go there…and allow the kids to play free without inhibitions.


Having narrowly escaped death in 2016 and recovering to a level I never thought would be possible I don’t have any particular goals in terms of wanting to acquire X or visit Y. I love my volunteering work, helping to stage music events and other stuff, and find it hugely rewarding in a way that work rarely was.

My hope is that the virus encourages people enjoy a simpler life with less of a negative environmental impact. I’d like to see a greater sense of community and for people to be kinder to each other rather than taking chunks out of others at every opportunity. The most important thing is that we get though this with the fabric of society and everyday life intact. Hopefully what emerges will one day be a better place than what we had before it all started.


Very well said Nigel

Yes and hopefully the links we establish with other countries to combat the pandemic and an awareness of our own shared fragility will also help us to address other global problems, such as world poverty and climate change.

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As someone who is living on bonus time thanks to the NHS and medical advances I feel fortunate to still be here. If I survive this, and I am planning to even though I am in an at risk group, I expect to do so, so far I have so far survived cancer, 3 bouts of pneumonia, so whilst susceptable to things I am pretty tough to kill off and seem bounce back and see no reason why this shouldn’t continue to be so. So I will carry on enjoying life as much as I can and noticing all the good bits of my day, this doesn’t take away the bad bits, it just makes the challenge and disappointments of life easier to cope with.

After the crisis is over, a good question. Well, get back out socialising and enjoying being outdoors, seeing family and friends. Then once we are allowed to travel again I will head to Turkey for 6 weeks as I had planned to do shortly but have had to postpone. Either before or after that, I will return to doing my voluntary work.

In the meantime, I will exercise on my recently purchased turbo trainer since I am advised to limit going outdoors, listen to music, edit the back log of photos I have waiting on my hardrives. Spend time cooking and learning new recipes, write my blog, read and post here amongst many other things. Might get around to having the big sort out and decluttering I have promised myself that I woul d do for some time now, or maybe I won’t.


let me give you an example ;-

My last 2 vacations were stunning - to Leh Ladakh and to Andaman Nicobar Islands where i did scuba diving first time - flipping off a boat and diving to about 25 ft - 30 ft - assisted

Now i wish to sky dive from maybe 13000 ft ??? :grinning:

maybe sit on the backseat of a Spitfire - across the English Channel - that will set me back by a NAP 250 i think :thinking:

I want to ride a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 CC bike on a road trip of Ladakh and Pangong lake and Rajasthan

I want to visit Arunachal Pradesh - go to the Tawang monastery

I want to take my kids to the Airbus factory for a guided tour - he will love it and to ride the TGV at the fastest speed…

My wife wants to do the Harry Potter studio in UK

I want to take a pic of the 4 of us crossing the zebra marking - like the Abbey Road album by Beatles… :zebra:

Looking forward to all this and to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents - the celebrations look unlikely due to the present crisis.


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I just want to see my kids back in school, esp my daughter who started a school for dyslexia here in Seattle this last fall and was thriving in her newfound love of learning.


Take her to Lacock, the HP village. Maybe a one-night stay in the Angel Inn :wink:


Visit live classical concerts again.


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Live concerts are indeed a pleasure…and can be very uplifting …

That’s something to look forward to…something to push yourselves onward and forward…

Hope things work out soon…

I was in China for 6 weeks last summer and was very much hoping to go there again in the near future. However, I guess that won’t be happening any time soon.

Was also planning to travel to India in December and I’d love that to be still a possibility, but that’s also almost certainly a forlorn hope. It’s over 20 years since I was last there, so I’d love to go there again to see some parts of the country I missed out on all these years ago.

I’d now really be happy to still be well and fit enough to travel at the end of this crisis, whenever that might be. Almost anywhere would do. Camping in France maybe - have had some very good times camping in France, Switzerland and Northern Italy, or visit friends in the US. But again, neither of these likely to be an option for another year or more.

Thanks for that. Yes it is.

I have nothing to do as such, now is the time to return to presence. So for me, embracing the presence and the power in our innate self-ness.

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