Whatrecords New Vinyl Releases For 2019

Some great new releases and re releases coming this year.
Quite a few pages to scroll through.

Make sure you ring WhatRecords before placing the order to find out if they actually have the items in stock. As i found out recently they dont have everything in stock although it does show as if they do on the website. I placed the order and a third of it was not in stock. A couple of months later still no stock. At which point I requested a refund. Dissapointing. :man_shrugging:

Ditto here.

Having just had to cancel an order for similar reasons (orig placed Nov), and noted that Amazon don’t have stock either (for a vinyl issuance in Oct-18 - strange), a general internet search yielded a site run by the record label (UM in this case) and they state ‘in stock’, and with a reasonable ticket price although the P&P looks to add a few quid and, AFAICT, you cannot look up other UM issues to mitigate the P&Ps.

I wonder if there is some attempted disintermediation in play here. Not good. UM & the artistes concerned have lost one sale from me, primarily as a point of principle.

What Records don’t always have everything in stock but they’re generally helpful and communicative and have refunded when it looked like getting more in stock from the supplier was not going happen. However, it does sometimes help to initiate any communication, and send a timely reminder every now and then. In spite of the modern looking website, it’s all a bit more old fashioned compared to Amazon et al. but perhaps all the better for that.

Whenever i have contacted them they have been very polite and helpful. I don’t understand though why they show items as in stock when they clearly know that they aren’t. It is very annoying especially since one could have missed bying the item somewhere else because of believing that WR have it in stock. And it could be rather problematic around Christmas time. Surely they can introduce a system where th eitems show as in stock or awaiting stock and out of stock. They could even indicate how long stock is expected to arrive.

It may well be down to suppliers. Not being Amazon, apart from high volume selling items, the shop itself may hold only one or two pieces of any given album actually physically in stock, with their suppliers saying that they can then supply more on demand. The latter is where things can go wrong. Usually it just means waiting a bit for the next delivery from the supplier, but if the supplier is out of stock, then it’s a case of finding out when more will be available.

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