What's annoyed you today?

I think it was @anon4489532 who mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the ‘Things I’ve done in the last 24 hours’ has become more a thread to whinge about things that have happened that day than actual constructive things we’ve done. I know I certainly moan about things there, so would a separate thread help? :thinking:

If so, keep it apolitical :grin:

Sorry, nothing. I had a great day. Dropped the kids off at school by bike. Daily exercise, worked for 8 hours, brought the kids to sport and played two hours piano. Pancakes for dinner.

What not to like?!


Ah, well, that was my other thought - ‘what’s made it a good day today?’ type thread :rofl:

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Ah sorry, off topic immediately. I’m sure I’ll think of something which made me grumpy.



1 - Around an hour talking to people at SSE/Ovo
2 - Loss of 24/7 access with no warning at my Safestore unit just as I intend to vacate it
3 - Having amassed loads of Enterprise rental loyalty points in recent years my statement arrived this evening and they’ve all expired just as I was thinking of renting a van
4 - All of above have ruined my attempt at sobriety for a few weeks after only 2 days!


More importantly, did I screw up my Karousel bearing last night :scream_cat:

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Watching ‘The News’ on the telly gets me niggled


Absolutely, mentioned in a Naim kit on or off thread the other day that I like to avoid live/online news as it’s so depressing - equally it makes me realise I’m quite negative myself about things.

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Energy prices anyone? My new proposed monthly instalment is euro 330. That’s too much though, need to lower it a bit.

On topic: this was communicated to me today.

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To expand on that a little…

Pre-pandemic I bought an Achromat platter mat from FunkFirm.

The demo at a Bristol show seemed positive.

It wasn’t perfectly flat on initial usage so I eventually succumbed and stuck it down with the included stickers to the outer platter which is incomplete centrally as LP12 users will know but this is not apparent with the original felt mat in place.

So having moved kit from one room to another a few weeks ago I’d put the LP12 on an old Sound Organisation 3 tier table. This originally had 3 tiers with MDF like shelves. Decades ago I bought a more rigid slightly thicker shelf from a UK hi-fi mag. Partly experimentally I stuck the LP12 on an original shelf. Last night I decided to swap back.

As I lifted the LP12 outer platter last night I became aware that the inner platter was also being lifted - suddenly it dropped down with a ‘gloopy’ noise due to the bearing oil - this has never happened before as it usually lifted straight off. I can only assume that a slightly different last position for the outer platter relative to the inner meant that the achromat’s central hole was no longer quite as central and caused the inner platter to rise with it. Annoyed is an understatement as how can I tell if the bearing was damaged?

£478 monthly for electricity only was what I was quoted today!

It’ll be saved by the hydraulic resistance effect.
I’d check your oil level though now in case it’s splattered. :+1:t2:

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If this were me:

1- lift off outer platter & remove belt
2- get torch and lift inner platter slightly so you can see top of bearing housing and if any oil has come out?

– I suspect you haven’t damaged the bearing, as the facings should be very hard and the dampening of the oil/tightness of the shaft (per the gloopy sound) should have eased it back down.

If any oil has come out then remove and re-seat post adding one drop (I will stand corrected but my understanding is it doesn’t need much to top-up).

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‘In Stock’

Hello it says on your website that you have these items in stock.

Let me check with the company.

Don’t worry I already have and they won’t be getting a container shipment until the end of September.

Oh sorry then.

So you haven’t got them in stock then.


Never never never ever trust a website that says in stock.

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What was the product in question? (Edited my original guess!)

Had the same on flea-bay recently, and being a good bunny I tend to pay via PayPal immediately.

Then got the ‘sorry’ e-mail and would you like to wait.

No I want my money back, thanks. Humpf…!


No Conservatory dining chairs. But not the first time I’ve encountered this ploy.

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For small businesses I think a lag between potential and real availability is acceptable (simply as they may not have equivalent resources for rapid site updates), but for large ones they should correct their site as soon as practically possible.

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Mine was with a rug and I’m now inclined to pay the extra and order via Amazon (the vendors seem to stick a couple of quid on when compared to flea-bay – obvious platform costs). At least this way there’s more protection against payment & refund issues.

Of course, PayPal refunds take a few days to arrive.

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Bought nuts and bolts for a non hi fi project everything in stock and paid in the one payment shopping cart.
Today it all arrived except the nuts.
I mailed and they said sorry they’re not in stock would I like a refund for the nuts. :rage: