What's behind?

Here is my view behind the rack, not elegant by any measure. Curious to see what the rest out here can share related to the “state of affairs” behind their precious music systems… Share if you can…


I like your X blocks, what make are they - or, youre good with a jig/fret saw?

I’m not sure they’d be very stable on our carpet, but I do like the look.

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Minimal kit so not much wiring to dress here.


You might want to look at the thread Cable Undressing from some months ago.


That’s very neat James. Very nice even at the back.

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The local radiator and it’s pipes are never on and so has been relegated to acting as a handy cable hanger instead…

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I am ashamed :joy:


They are from a company called audiophilevibrationcontrol, pretty happy with them…

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Looks messy but is actually very tidy


Yep this post has been on before

Looks like some forumites have tidied up since that last thread…

Snakes wedding

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What? No dust? That is seriously clean and tidy!

Right?! I am very proud. I dust the rack, units, and PowerIgel with a swiffer every two or three weeks, and vacuum under the rack and a bit behind (carefully with a narrow extension tube).
Other than that, nothing special. The Roomba is a great help by simply having less dust around the house that gets kicked up with every move.

You’re making up words! Swiffer? Roomba? What might these fabulous things be?

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I use a swiffer too :broom:

I use a Swiffer too but no idea what a Roomba is. I simply don’t have the access to the back of the kit to clean it unless I do a total strip down.

Impressive Suedkiez!

A brand of robotic vacuum cleaners. It scuttles around the apartment once a week while I am not home, and there’s noticeably less dust and dirt on the floors that otherwise would get kicked up all the time and resettle on hifi, shelves, etc.