What's better than listening to good music?


OK, so if you’re on this forum, music must be important to you. It is to me and my wife, glad we both like it 'cos it gives us a chance to indulge! However my main hobby and the one that costs me the most is star gazing, expensive telescopes, yes we have two, and an observatory, makes Naim look cheap! So what do you have as other hobbies? Rich


Good food, good wine, good company, and a wild landscape to view (with or without stars) from the nine realms.


Definitely drinking good wine and preparing the food to go with it is up there with listening to good music.



Yes, preparing and eating good food (and the required lubricant for the cook) is definitely a joy. So too is walking the dogs, particularly when we go down to coast out of season and they can run on endless empty beaches when the tide is out. Another joy is going out and working in the woods - particularly in winter - which, as chance would have it, is what I’m about to do right now. The dog is primed and ready to go, chainsaw is cleaned, oiled and ready, I just hope the jeep starts OK…


I enjoy getting out as well with the chainsaw tidying up the trees at the bottom of the garden. I always have my wife on hand as they are really dangerous when things go wrong even with safety attire. But it does provide wood for the log burner for a couple of years time…quite satisfying.


Football is the big one then cricket, particularly test cricket. Those can for me squeeze out listening to my music.

Guess that means we need to start a new ‘Football 2018/19 season’ thread in the Padded Cell.


I believe the old threads are being moved over


Thanks, Mike. That will avoid a lot of confusion and duplication which would likely need a lot of tidying up by Richard.



Mike, AFAIK old threads are being archived, and they will be searchable, but can’t be moved over to the new forum, so it’s a case of starting from scratch again.


Ah! In that case we regular posters may need to co-operate so as not duplicate one another, and possibly have to reply on your good self to trim.



Sorry Mike, looks like I mislead you, I will do penance by listening to Michael Buble & reading emoticons tonight. Maybe we can copy paste some unfinished threads over to keep it going.


Hi Mike. I’ve started by creating a new football thread. Hope @Kevin-W forgives me.

If you’re after some penance, perhaps you should start a new Brexit one :smiling_imp:
I know how much you love that, too.



What’s better? The padded cell NOT having a Brexit thread! HINT!


Maybe the first poll we have should be whether the forum should be a place for discussing politics…




Chuckle, indeed, but how do you define what is meant by politics… I guess many contemporary topics apart the banal are ‘political’ in one sense or another… so I think it’s better having and enforcing ground rules of respect and tolerance, with Admin discretion on when boundaries crossed, rather than limit discussion.

I mean many families have agreements at big gatherings to avoid discussions on politics, sex or religion… but it can make for some dull conversation…


Morning Simon. Yes I have to admit my man cave sign was intended as a chuckle. But slightly more seriously, the way this forum goes round & round & round with the discussions on politics & such like needs a health warning. What is it about forum arguments ??? how much free time do people actually have to participate in the futile time waste of trying to argue & insult others into changing their opinion. A discussion to exchange points of view, great, if a little more heated OK, but to keep repeating & getting into aggression & insults, err no stop.
We - moderator Richard - need an Oozlem Bird auto facility, two circles of the pond & you disappear.


Sounds like we need an Oozlefinch then.


I’d support a no politics policy. I think Naim are very tolerant of the subjects discussed, not sure I would be if it were my company.

The politics threads always seem to end one way and no doubt consume a lot of Richard’s time, I think we would be best without them. This should be a nice place to visit, which it in the main is.


Ahh I see you’re not an ornithologist Richard. In this case its easy to be confused, but the Oozlefinch & Oozlum Bird are completely different species;
Oozlefinch has exceptional vision with its large eyes, it can see into the far distance, & is also able to look inward & therefore symbolises a good leader. Hence it has been adopted as the mascot of Air Defence Artillery branch of the US Army.
The Oozlem Bird has a very distinctive habit in that when startled it fly’s around in ever-decreasing circles until it catches itself up, fly’s up its own backside & disappears.