What's better than listening to good music?



Mike indeed, but such vitriol is not limited to ‘political’ threads… remember the Hugo thread when that device was born into the world … it got very heated at the time on this forum as it was potentially quite a disruptive product… and I think Richard had to take down that thread… he edited and reposted it some time later with much of the menacing commentary removed … and we had high emotion on rippers and CD rips, bit are bits, RFI … you name it over the years … getting sometimes personal and bordering insulting… but I don’t think those resulted in any thread being pulled… but I could be wrong.

The current Brexit and Trump threads are simply the current day Hugo threads… all in my opinion of course :grin:
But I like your suggestion, three strikes and you are out…


If you had some “community moderators” with limited powers this would take some of the hard work away from you Richard. You can turn a thread private quite easily and you and Naim can make final decisions.

I wouldn’t like the forum to become a rich man’s club where society and politics aren’t discussed. I generally avoid the worst of these threads but find it informative to have these opposing views aired. It’s so easy to get in a guardian readers, Radio 4/ Facebook bubble (me that is).

It’s educational to see people with similar interests having such divergent opinions.

There is another useful forum feature which can set a thread to close in x hours or days. When they become cyclical this might be a good option?



I seem to remember that threads about cycling and cyclists have provoked some excitement too.
Perhaps the best approach would be to be very clear about the standards of behaviour that posters are expected to show to one another eg civility, rather than trying to predict and ban the topics that sometimes generate bad manners. The former ought to be easier to define and less of a blunt instrument.After all, not everyone that contributes to the ‘political’ etc threads descend to mud-slinging.


100% agree SJB, don’t get me wrong, I’m not serious about ‘banning’ politics, informative exchange of views & ongoing discussions are great & its thanks to Naim that we can do this. Like you I just avoid them when the insults start, & I’ve noticed its generally the same people so I just avoid any responses to them no matter what.
As for Guardian readers, lord preserve us from that left wing rag & its momentumites


I’m all for open discussion, and I really hate to have to limit it. There are, of course certain limitations forced upon us - a few individuals who don’t wish to be mentioned or discussed on the Naim forum. Naim are not looking for a fight, so we oblige. My suggestion regarding political discussion was part in jest, but not without a smidge of truth. What alarms me most is that there are some who seem to only post on the political threads, which seems unbalanced to me; this is, after all, a hifi forum first, and quite possibly a place for political discussion last.

p.s. SJB, I do quite like the idea of one or two community mods. We’ll see…


The ‘Community Moderators’ is a good idea, each perhaps working in specific sub-forums.

Richard, I’m constantly amazed at how you keep up AND keep good natured at the same time!


I’ve often thought that forum discussions inherently tend to become rather heated. I think people are far more likely to adopt a conciliatory tone in a face to face discussion. On a forum you are often talking to strangers, and you can take as much time as you want to consider your reply, and I would bet that if we were all sat in the same room, we wouldn’t slope off and work out our responses in the same way. (After all, most of us are British, and far too polite to argue!)
I sometimes ignore responses that appear to adopt a confrontational stance, even if I have strong views that I could express, as the conversation is only going to go downhill from there, and frankly, life’s too short.


Talk about thread drift - I’ve just read the title!!!


Sorry, I’d just been reading the Padded Cell on the old forum :no_smoking:


Well, since I started this thread, it seems to have suffered a serious bout of Chinese Whispers. What day is it? Thursday. So am I, let’s go to the pub! Rich


Back to the OP … Not listening to crap music.


Ha, but you know what they say, one mans / womans poison…


Re the original question - it is a difficult one, as it depends on the interpretation of “better than”!

As a pastime, a way of relaxing whatever mood I’m in, I can’t think of anything definitively better. Other things can be equally good, or better in the instant, but are not things that are prolonged in the same way - and that includes food, as already mentioned by some, holidays, sex, etc etc.

One pastime that can occupy me for hours but isn’t as satisfying as listening to music, is playing music - one day I’d love to learn to play my instruments well, and maybe then it would be the equal, or better, than passively listening.

And a good loving relationship with someone is up there somewhere - in fact that is something that is hard to decide whether or not better than listening to music: I would rate it as more important, but then music pervades all. If I had to choose between never listening to music again, or never experiencing love again, what would I choose? What would you choose? And the answer to that doubtless would depend on where one is in any loving relationships, and maybe even one’s mood when answering. If the love would last my lifetime I’d choose that… But infinitely better, and hugely fulfilling and satisfying, is to have both!

As for other hobbies: beyond listening to and attempting to mKe music: good food, photography (a little), a bit of stargazing (only one telescope, rather limiting but enjoyable), walking, snorkelling, diving, DIY, though only a hobby when doing things like speaker building or active crossover modifying- the rest, kitchen & bathroom design and installation, plumbing, electrics etc are more of a chore than hobby!


I am amazed - 31 replies and no mention of sex. Must be a hifi forum then.


You evidently didn’t read through my post just before yours! (2nd para)


well I was going to say that there is something that lasts sometimes only the briefest of times but can be infectious once started (although sometimes I find it is just me), ends up with sides being clutched, occasional tears, incapacitation, shortness of breath, can bring back a smile once remembered, is very much a mood thing, can work one time & fail spectacularly the next, some people are really good at it, can on times involve the mother in law (or a doctor), or knocking on a door, can be delivered by someone standing up…yes, a real, down & out, side splitting laugh…I will get my coat…


Taking pics with my 7RM III and looking at them while my Gyrodec is playing.


Photography is another expensive interest, not sure which has consumed more of my cash over the years. Also like traveling, which can be expensive but does dovetail well with photography. Cycling is another interest, fortunately I am not that into it that I keep buying bikes and in fact as I do it for fitness rather than speed having an older and heavier bike is probably advantate. Also enjoy cooking and would prefer to cook and eat that get a take away or buying a ready meal, which is fortunate as my other interests have absorbed most of my cash.


Well I do a lot more photography than listening to music as I bring my camera on most occasions. I love beer and brew my own. At a point I felt the need to build my own quasi micro brewer and there is something infinitely relaxing about brewing while listening to jazz. Whisky is also a firm favourite over many years but I no longer collect as I see this as slightly obsessive hobby.

The daily walk with my two dogs in the local area is the best though.