What's better than listening to good music?


I was somewhat alarmed to read recently about how so many supposedly rare old whiskies have actually found to be fakes when subjected to testing.


Well for me I would have to say going for a ride on my Triumph :motorcycle: is sometimes better than listening to music. When the sun is out, the wind is warm and the winding country road in front of me isn’t nose to tail behind a Sunday driver/caravan/tractor :blue_car::tractor::truck::red_car::minibus::articulated_lorry: it’s a wonderful feeling. Early weekend mornings are best while most people are still sleeping or drinking tea sat up in bed. The roads are empty and I can have a couple of hours escapism before heading for home.:sunglasses:


That’s tragic! Imagine the cost as some of those whiskies are fetching record prices. Old official bottlings changing hands several times and hey presto no one can really vouch for the authenticity. Still as long as there are companies around such as Cadenhead’s, Douglas Laing & Co and Berry Bros & Rudd one should be perfectly safe.


When there has been a fresh drop from the amazon letterbox of new stuff, there isn’t much that’s better than listening to new good music. Other times going through older owned material, it can be better listening to not so good and even bad music.


Cricket for me - especially at Trent Bridge with sun, good friends and good beer (last one harder to get!)


I can’t collect whisky - I end up opening and drinking …and then regretting a few years later when I see how much they go for! (I only drink malts, tending to gravitate to highland and island, especially Islay.)


Well played ice hockey is up there. Regrettably I am now too old to be any good (especially with my PAD) but the beauty, speed, and power of the sport when played well is breathtaking.

Playing music (as in on an instrument) is right there; in many ways for me listening is a replacement for being a hack on the guitar.

And being with people I love and who love me is probably better than any of it.


Guess what, me too! Especially Islay.

At the other side of the spectrum, I recently got a bottle of single malt ‘Glen Moray’ and it was even worse than Ballantines. It would even be waste of the Coke if mixed with that.


Composing and playing it?


Beer. Skiing deep powder. Not at the same time. Playing in the surf.


Thanks for the like. Is it a Yamaha in your avatar?



Yes - it is an SG2000 - a beautiful guitar. Just wish I was better at playing it! I also have a Custom '72 Tele for those Keith Richards moments …


Ah… I’ve been wanting to buy a good solid body for years, for one of those Keith Richards (or Jeff Beck or Gary Moore…) moments too. Yamaha are wonderful, but a 72 Tele would be my dream.


What’s better than listening to music ?

Where do I start ? …

Golf. Outdoors, fresh air, real sportsmanship, face-to-face company. Wide variety of venues.

Flying. Puts the whole world in a different perspective. “From a Distance” doesn’t quite sum it up, but rather hints at the feeling.

Backpacking or long hikes. Again, fresh air. Time to think. Back to nature and a taste of raw challenges.

Brexit and the associated jovial discussion…ok, just joking on this one, but rather disappointed at the discussion that took place in this thread amongst the Beta Testers pre-startup. But I do agree that whatever the discussion, Hugo or Brexit, it must remain civil and polite.

Cheers, Don


Totally agree - still when I get depressed thinking about our continued membership of the failed European project at enormous expense, I listen to good music like the title track from George Harrison’s superb triple album. As for harsh words exchanged I play “Isn’t it a Pity” and the world seems a better place.

I think it’s best to avoid controversy on forums, which is why I would never openly declare I think the Roon user interface is awful and despair at endless threads about TCP/IP networking when streamer design (e.g. buffers) makes these irrelevant. So just listen to the music and be happy.


What was that about insults?! As a moderate it’s difficult to turn to any other rag. Admittedly the Grauniad has some ‘interesting’ writers, but apart from The Times there isn’t another U.K. newspaper I’d allow across the threshold.


Same here :sunglasses: It was the old Ardbeg Ten which started it all. Just fell in love with the smoky scents of bicycle rubber inner tube, bonfire and herbal ash. Nowadays I also appreciate non-Islay whiskies and the finer nuances rather than the full on peat or sherry attack.
Hm, I’d love a whisky right now…


Thrashing this lot.


Listening to great music…


Driving the Shelby (see Avatar) on a hot sunny New Zealand day :sunglasses:, the look on peoples face when you drive by, especially children - priceless!!!
To the OP, you think telescopes are expensive, try old cars :grinning: