What's better than listening to good music?


Have to agree about vintage cars and Hot rods being a very expensive hobby. My nephew is into that, try looking up Hard Up Garage, Fareham, UK


That is definitely the good life …
My wood was planted in 2013; the willow is amazing but the native hard woods took a battering last summer. This year I must decide whether to pollard or coppice the willow… decisions!


I read the guardian and observer to have another view on life …
My preference was for the Independent but can’t get the hang of this online stuff… hence table with newspapers spread over it …


… I have to admit I’ve given up on newspapers, at best they’re yesterdays news so I’m now getting all I need from the multitude of www news.
I am tempted to get one of the chunky weekend publications if its dark wet wintertime. I’m not a spread over the table reader, I’m an all over the floor person.


Sitting in the sunshine. Any one remember doing that ?


A wellbeing day with the community team at Westonbirt National Arboretum. Even better, more than one day!
Of course I then return home, tired, satisfied, smelling of woodsmoke…to listen to music :deciduous_tree:


Listening to good music, via good hi-fi when suitably inebriated - makes life’s troubles and strife seem insignificant.


Looks like they are having a bit of fun, also checked out there facebook page with all its photos. Good luck to them :+1::+1::+1:


My long suffering partner insists on sitting outside with a cup of tea or glass of wine.
I don’t see the attraction my self,especially when it’s hot.


Excellent experience …
I used to enjoy volunteering with the local wildlife trust up the road from Westonbirt … now I enjoy pottering about in a small wood I established a few years ago. Of course the company on the Well-being and volunteering also is a benefit.


Things that are better? At the right time, nothing is. Time & a place and all that…

That said, there are plenty of things that should take precedence, in no order: spending time with family (immediate & not so), buried in a book, walking - currently doing The Ridgeway in stages, highly recommended. Wine. Tv of all styles - it’s fun (but not Eastenders or Corinaction Street tho). Cycling to work. Cycling for the pure fun of it. Out for a run. In the pub with a few pals. Being at a football match. Being in the theatre lost in a good play. Seeing Al Murray in the same theatre. And as it’s been mentioned, a bit of rumpy-pumpy hows yer father unarmed hand to hand comabt with the OH.

So yh; there are lots of things better than being in front of the stereo.


On occasions I play on this lot, with Youtube as my teacher


Having a good poo. Especially those ones that are so big that you have no drop splash back - because they are way well into the bowl before they have exited the passage. Those that leave you with an euphoric elation and that you have lost weight ( got fitter by being on the sh…).


:rofl: Excellent. I whole heartedly agree.!!! I must add that having a well needed wee after holding onto it for ages out of necessity is right up there too :relaxed:


What is wrong with humans when excretory functions are felt to be better than the mystical experiences of music?


I think it is called toilet humour. Usually, but not universally, the province of young children!


Try having one or the other no longer available in your life, and maybe you’ll understand what Mr. Jug means! :wink:


Has anyone mentioned naughties?


Meatballs…and cannoli. Music just frames it.


A caipirinha