What's better than listening to good music?


A bowl full of pickled chilli peppers with bottle of good red wine::sunglasses:

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I enjoy photography like several others here. I also love riding motorcycles, I have 4. One modern bike (Yamaha 700 Tracer), one dirt bike (Kawasaki KMX200} and two classics (Puch SGS250 2 stroke 1960 and Norton ES2 500cc single cylinder 4 stroke from 1957). On a summer day riding the Norton along a country road, it’s just bliss.



Yes! We have a winner.



Has anybody mentioned sex?

Or are we all just too old and prefer a nice cup of cocoa?

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Certainly good food, but reading and photography for me.






it reminds me the review by Michael Fremer on his Continuum Caliburn Cobra turntable ( around 150 k ) . He concluded his review saying that the sound was so enjoyable that it was better than sex.




This was also a nice day out.Perhaps my best-ever day on a bike.



Snow shoeing just 20 minutes from our front door, on a bluebird day with my lovely wife, and 2 of our dogs last Sunday was pretty special, too.

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…the link you post just pops up a web site requesting the person join. Not sure if you were linking to a photo or just indicating that you were working out?



Thanks for heads-up. I didn’t realize Strava was so nasty. My account is public, but I did not know that only “members” could view it.

I find it kind of funny that you’d call my rides a “work-out”. I never think of them that way. I enjoy them so much, I am always looking forward to the next one. To me, a “work out” sounds like something that people do because they think they should, but not so much because they want to. I’d be a different person without my cycling.

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That sounds like a great idea.



When a non-member links to the web page in your link they see the following message…

“Join Neil and get inspired for your next workout”

That lead to my comment, “just indicating that you were working out?” I know you cycle but was unsure what the web page was serving up.



Attending a performance where you can feel the music as well listening.

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Oh, this is a great thread question.

Playing it !




If you play through full range speakers at home, at anything near realistic level, you should feel any bass as well as hear it. Part of the enjoyment!



My sadly missed cat Bella went deaf in her later years. She used to sleep on me while I listened to music, one night I noticed she’d woken up and was glaring at the speakers. I put my hand on her and her chest was moving to the bass line, after that I used her as a rough and ready decibel meter, when she started glaring at the speakers it was time to turn the volume down.

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Surely the measure was to turn the volume up until the cat responded?

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She’d often sleep through for a while, then, when she woke for a stretch, look offended. I did notice I had got out of the habit of listening to vinyl while she was alive as she got quite miffed being woken up every 25 minutes or so, not that she ruled the house.



I seem to be acquiring gins. 14 and counting. The two most esoteric are one from Sydney with cinnamon tones and another which is yellow from North Canada.

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