What's happened to my thread?

My vivaldi thread has gone?
Any chance of knowing why

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It disappeared probably due to some dedicated flag waver :wink:

Well then, that just about shuts the door then for me i guess. Shame but they say the truth hurts. Lol, or it does for some.

Maybe it will be back up soon when the moderators find there is really nothing wrong in there. Just brought down to have a private look based on a trigger happy flagger😂


Moderators have to do their job. The world is still turning.


Like I said it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it, but I guess it turns much more precisely with an NPX300😉


Love it!


Why isn’t the nuclear power station big enough? I thought it was to the point, just like it wouldn’t make it a nd555 beater. Same thing

Perhaps DCS has a website

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Some members raised concerns so I’ve quarantined the thread until I have some time to look through it. Sorry about that, but it’s how things work here, but I know you don’t me to explain that as I’m sure you already know.

Personally I think Naim are very fair and tolerant here. But at the end of the day they’re a commercial enterprise and everyone has their limits and I get why the plug may have been pulled in this instance.

That said it was a thread I enjoyed reading and I hope Dunc continues to post here.


The thread has only been quarantined. It’s policy where a member flags something up as needing review for whatever reason.

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I did say a few days ago, me staying here and posting up my findings will only be seen as naim bashing by some.
As i said at the time, i have no wish in doing that as naim has given me great service over almost 30 years.
I have tried different things over the last few years, and found things that i like, i have been asked to report these things, and i have done to my best ability, trying not to over stretch things or spread bull s-it. Obviously some won’t like it, and that was my reason for saying, i might as well just go.

I certainly dont want to come on to this forum, get hassle and cause problems, as what’s the point in doing that.
I would like to still be part of this, probably not post as much going forward, as i do like it on here and hope to be still made welcome.
Anyway cheers all, dunc


I almost posted on that thread. I found your posts interesting and fair, or were clear where it was your opinion. I’m far from an expert, but didn’t see anything controversial in what you wrote. Anyway, I’d appreciate your continued perspective and benefit of your Naim expertise. For whatever it’s worth, I hope you stick around. Not least for your, IMO, relentless search for the best setup :slight_smile:


It had become a bit of a bun fight, but I’d be quite surprised if Richard had too much to prune but there were a few posts possibly playing the man and not the ball (and I might be guilty here too but there’s only so much of the “one true way” brigade I can take).

I do feel if people stopped stating opinions as facts a lot of the agro would disappear.



When I’ve researched old threads for information I’ve always found your contributions really useful. You have been through a few Naim iterations and have a lot of good information to share.


I literally could not agree more.



I found that thread among the most interesting existing in this forum, along with the New Classic range and some music threads. I hope it will come back. Systems pics too.
A lot of other threads are just going in circles and circles , always the same questions, same responses , on and on.


I pretty much stopped reading naim upgrade threads for that same reason, but there is so much more on this forum, lots of informative threads and opinions by knowledgeable and experienced people, quite enlightening.