What's happened to my thread?

When @Dunc was first posting after changing to DCS Vivaldi etc., some of the opinions were a bit solid, but I’ve found lately that his posts are mainly informational and would be belpful for people looking for an upgrade or possibly a change. But as @Sloop_John_B said, posters should play the ball, not the man.

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Or person.

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Hi @Dunc

Or am I missing something in all this Dunc?
I enjoy your contributions.
Some contributers on the Forum can have strong opinions, I just take them all with a pinch of salt and don’t let it get under my skin.
It is all a first world issue. At least I can just turn the tap on and get clean water.


Dunc can help us with that as well but I believe he’s more in heating systems.

Many fellows who are online a bit direct are in real live most amiable individuals.

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As mentioned to @Dunc yesterday, I always enjoy reading his personal opinions on his search for Audio Nirvana and I would miss him/them if he left the forum.

I also have my own experience and knowledge which I’ve gained over the years and so I’m able to view any “Personal Opinions” objectively.

One thing I’ve learned in HiFi - Audio is that everyone is different, if we weren’t different then everyone would have the same system and the use same speakers.

This cancellation of things pertaining to Vivaldi is difficult to appreciate for any reason.

The thread has been reinstated after some ad hominem posts were deleted.


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Richard explained what was happening here What's happened to my thread? - #12 by Richard.Dane and as sjb has pointed out, the thread is back, so no need to worry.

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We all foreseasoned it.

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