What's in the boxes?

I’m sure I might have asked before if there’s a list of what comes with certain Naim separates, I get confused, especially at this time of year!

Specifically what comes with a Supercap DR apart from the mains cable - Burndy included or other leads?





Hi Richard, can you point me in the direction of an updated list, as, surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to appear amongst the FAQ?

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Thanks for that - searched the FAQs but no luck, forgot old forum search.

Typically when I went to save it in a ‘handy documents folder’ I’d saved it there years ago ! :rofl:

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For current products the contents of the box are listed on the product page under ‘Specification’ and then ‘Supplied with…’ for the Supercap there isn’t a ‘Supplied with’ entry, so it comes with a standard power lead only.

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I have seen an updated one Dave. It would be nice to have one from Naim sometime, I agree.

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Makes sense in a way as no point supplying a Burndy if you don’t need one or SNAICs to gather dust if you do.

Are Powerline Lite mains leads now standard?

The natural partner for a Supercap is the 252, which comes with the necessary Burndy and Snaic5.

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Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head there - presumably different Burndy configuration for Superline or SNAXO.

Much of my equipment is Olive era and I simply can’t remember what came with what!

Perhaps the website could do with a little extra detail specifically about supplied cables.

CliveB’s comment is interesting as it indicates a ‘missing’ ‘Supplied With’ entry which you’d only realise if you’d looked at something else with that entry!

Yes, no point including cables (other than power) with a Supercap as so many different possibilities. Compare with, say, a HICAP, where only a SNAIC5 is used, so it’s included in the box.

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Am I correct in assuming different Burndy configurations for 252/SNAXOs/Superline - too much to hope they’d be the same I suspect.

The Burndy cables are different, yes.

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At least these

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Thanks for that - very handy guide.

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Yes, in the UK they have been the standard issue mains leads for some time now.

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