Whats included with NAC252?

I have negotiated a reasonably good price on a very lightly used demo SuperCap DR & new NAC282 which is just about the same price as a new NAC252. I asked if the SuperCap was included with the 252 and was told no, its a requirement but not included in the price of 16K Canadian. Is that correct? It seems a lot just for the preamp.

The 252 is objectively a better preamp than the 272, hence it costs more. It comes with a remote, Burndy and Snaic leads. The necessary Supercap must be purchased separately.

Yes, that is correct. A 252 (or 52) can only run with a Supercap.

Whereas a 282 (or 82) can run from a HiCap or Supercap - or from a NAP which has a built in pre-amp power supply (such as a NAP200).

UK new prices are/were about GB£5.4k for the 282 and about GB£7.7k for the 252. The 282 comes with a NAPSC but nothing else. A 252 comes with nothing.

The 282 (or 82) is a very good pre-amp - the 252 (or 52) is … better.

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Exactly what @IanRobertM says.


Thanks everyone, I was reminded last night that I have spent the budget on the 282 so if the SuperCap is not included with the 252 then the 282 it is.


With the SuperCap DR you will be in a position to upgrade to the NAC 252 in the future and it is a nice uplift over the HiCapDR with the NAC 282. I recently added the SuperCapDR when NAIM offered 20% off Classic gear and my dealer provided an additional discount and trade in value on my HiCap DR.

Let us know how you get on once you have the system up and running

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Remember that you also need a NAPSC power supply for a 282. This is usually, but not always included in the box, along with its mains lead, some link plugs and a remote control. Sellers (sometimes even dealers) often forget to include these items so it’s worth checking in advance.


As the others have said, you were told correctly. I’m in Canada as well, 252 list was $16XXX & SC $11XXX, making the 252 a $27XXX combo. If you have the SCDR now, going to a 252 in the future becomes much easier & exactly what I did. Much of the SCDR’s capabilities aren’t actually used when paired with the 282 (only uses 4 of its voltage rails), but it does allow you to get the very best out of the 282.


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