What's my Next Upgrade?

I currently have the following:

  • NAIT XS2
  • NAP200
  • PS
  • BlueSound Streamer
  • Harbeth Bookshelf Speakers

What is your recommended next step upgrade in sound?
NAC 282, NAP 300, other?

If it was me, I’d look at the front end first. If sticking with Naim, then a NDX2 at a minimum, especially if you’re heading to a 282.

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282 powered by the 200, great pairing. And perhaps a better DAC for the Bluesound.


If you want a sonic upgrade then new full range speakers are probably the best bet. If you like the speakers, but want an all Naim system then replace the BlueSound with an NX2. That way you get the streamer display, a better DAC and perhaps even a slight improvement in sound.

282 first then Ndac second hand or Chord Qutest.


Are the speakers on stands or bookshelf? If on proper stands already then ND5XS2 followed by 282 unless you have the funds to get the NDX2.

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I would look at upgrading the streamer to a NDX2 or ND5XS2. Next HiCapDR for the XS 2, then NAC 282, then trade in the NAIT XS 2 and NAP 200 for a NAP 250 DR.

BTW, what Harbeth speakers are you using?

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