Whats the beat superline for a Krystal - standard or E?

Hi all, I’ve been happily using my Krystal with the standard superline for a few years now, it has always sounded good with the air plugs. Just wondering if the E version would sound better as the volume gets loud pretty quickly with this combination. Can the E version sound even bettering have more headroom?



Looking online for the specification of the Krystal, it seems to indicate it’s 0.25mV, which is fairly low and about ideal for the standard Superline. If you want a little less gain then the E is a good option and will still work well with a cart of 0.25mV output. FWIW, I chose a Superline E and have used it with similarly low output MCs with excellent results.

Thanks Richard, looks like the E really wouldn’t be an improvement on the standard in my situation, so will leave things as they are.


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