What's the deal with Naim and Audiovector?

Just plain curious. You almost never ever seen Audiovector on the forum. Do Naim still make SNAXO for Audiovector? Is there still a current working relationship between the two companies? And if so, why is it not more common on the forum?

Was looking at their hang on wall speakers while long pre planning a future AV room. Saw these
Then thought of Naim and thought, Whatever became of that relationship?

I’m guessing the Focal merger/acquisition would have put an end to any relation/partnership with any other speaker brand. In the same way that Focal would be unlikely to suddenly partner with say Atoll.

Well Naim did SNAXO for Kudos only recently.

I guess because there’s a market they made a product, they could make one for Audiovector. That’s not a relationship in my view.

Peter Stenberg who used to work with Audiovector became the Naim distributor for Denmark.


And the SNAXO stuff?

I’m wondering if there is an active dislike of the brand by Naim users or whether it simply isn’t one of the forum’s “love in” brands.

I’m not sure about the SNAXO. Probably one for Naim to answer if you want one.

I don’t think there’s an active dislike here. Just probably not so well distributed in the UK. Personally I’ve heard some of them sound really great on the end of Naim. And I’ve always found Ole Kliforth to be a knowledgable and charming chap.

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was about to say this.
and with time, they used Naim gear to test and make auditions
with they´re material.

i love the brand. very well made and excellent sound.
made audition with SR3 arreté and QR1.
loved them(in they´re respective price range.
In general rapid sound/articulate with tight bass.

@feeling_zen asked “why is it not more common on the forum?”
Probably because its not a brand with Sale Force. (and they´re expensive)
What i mean ,using an analogy: i used to love SAAB. but its wasn´t the first brand that came to my mind when considering 35k of car.

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I don’t know, but there are tons of good speaker brands that are barely ever mentioned on the forum. Don’t think there is active dislike in most cases, just not knowing them, e.g. because brand is not established in UK

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I agree. Just because a certain brand doesn’t get much airtime here doesn’t mean they don’t have great synergy with Naim.

To be fair, I’m not really in the market for new speakers for the main Naim system at this precise moment. But I was just curious.

There are a few dealers way down in Nagoya if I want to demo how these might sound for a non Naim 7.1 system. Though as the crow flies, Vladivostok is closer once Covid is over. They seem popular in Russia.

In Portugal they´re well represented and have following status.
(à là Naim) :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Audiovector Si3 Avantgarde (Black Ash). Bought them in October 2013.
They work very well with Naim. I use the SuperNait 2.

With the front on:

With the front off:


They are also quite a popular brand here in Norway.

Also use Audiovector speakers. Mine are S13 Signature
Fantastic sound
Preferred them over several other “popular” brands at around the same price

I never liked their triple-wire speaker connectors, would they just keep it simple single wire.
Otherwise one of Ole’s first succes was F3-lyd the Trapez from the 90’ies, a silly good second hand purchase

Audiovector K3 Signature here. Have been very happy with these speakers.

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Yeah! Tri-wiring is not that common.

My NAC A5 cable connection.


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