What's the difference between Olive Supercap and Supercap 2?

As per title:

What’s the difference between Olive Supercap and Supercap 2? And also can you use a Supercap 2 with Olive Snaxo?

Other than the obvious, the case, I think the transformer may be 500VA instead of 430VA.

And yes, the two are interchangeable in application.

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Am I right in thinking that the Classic Supercap 2 can also be upgraded to DR?

It can, but not cheap apparently - people tend to sell theirs and but a DR one

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And what’s the difference sonically (SQ) between Non DR and DR?

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I have slowly updated my three power supplies to DR versions, including the Supercaps on my 252 and SNAXO respectively.

Much was said about the differences when the DR versions came out. In each case I would say that overall the change was pretty significant with similar effects on both components. A cleaner and more open sound and better definition at the bass end particularly. I am not terribly good at describing HiFi characteristics!

Some who prefer the very fast and slightly edgy older Naim style I think feel the DR components lose a bit of that character but my feeling overall has been very positive. Just more enjoyment and more connection to the recording. Each was good value compared to a major box upgrade.

Hope that helps



Thank Bruce.

One last question:

If you use a Supercap DR with an Olive amplifier or Pre amp do you get the DR effect?

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