What's the hierarchy?

I know there are no simple answers to what might be a simple question, but here goes. I’m a little bewildered trying to figure out where the New Classic series falls into the current list of Classic series. For instance is the “new” 250 better than the “old” 250DR, or is the “new” NPX 300 better than the “old” 300DR? Can the NSC 222 be compared to the 282, or 252?
If one were to rank Naim amps and preamps, starting with the NAP 500 / NAC 552, how would they fall into place?
This is really out of curiosity, I’m not looking to start chasing “new and improved”, I’m very happy with my current system. Of course if the new 250 is better than the 300DR, I don’t want to hear it!

I haven’t listened to the 222 a ton but to me it’s above the 272 but will always be at a disadvantage of having the streamer in the same box.

The NPX 300 is a bit above XPSDR according to @110dB. The Main thing with that was simplifying to one power supply.

The New 250 is the star of the trio and nips at the heels of the 300DR. It comes down to personal preferences, system matching and if comparing both, what kind of deal you can get.

Not sure it would make sense for a current 300DR owner to switch unless they wanted less boxes.

It is, however, a massive upgrade to the 250DR in my opinion.

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The NPX300 is a power supply, not a power amp. This will no doubt continue to cause confusion for the rest of time.


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