What's the next upgrade? Source?

I take the occasion of this forum to ask a suggestion about my system:
I have a Bluesound Node 2, CDX2.2+XPSDR+282 (252 arriving in a couple of weeks)+SCDR+250DR+Kudos 606.
Thinking about next upgrade i have some option:

  • Naim NDAc powered with XPDR to be used with CDX2.2 and Bluesound Node 2
  • Replace Bluesound Nide 2 with NDX2
  • NDS powered with XPSDR and used also with CDX2.2

or wait for a 300DR instead of 250DR…

Any suggestion or other options from your side?

NDX2 would be my suggestion with XPRDR on it or keep on your CDX depending which is your preffered source, - do you use Node for streaming or NAS?

owned a 300DR for a few years now and it will make those T606 really sing @Toon has just moved from 250DR into 300Dr with SCDR

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I’d be inclined to look at an NDX2 and swapping the XPS for a 555, with the CDX2 connected digitally to the NDX2.


I usually use Bluesound Node with Streaming and NAS for background music or to discover new music but for serius listening I use my CDX2+XPSDR.
I know that 300DR instead of 250Dr will be a big upgrade, frankly speking I do not know if may be better to point a 300DR or a NDX2 first.

In fact I like to keep also my CDX2.2 and the option to connect it to the NDX2 is a good suggestion…in a later stage XPSDR can be replaced by 555.

in the long term niether is wrong, but I have always used source first approach which I know most, but not all agree with, if you have 252 in coming, I would certainly go for the source first - 282?SCDR is a lovely pre but addition of 252 will ideally need a better source

I still use my NDX (2014) as source using FLAC and IRADIO, but my main source is LP12

what I can say IMO the 252/300 either with SC or SCDR are 4 boxes of musical magic

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Thank you Antz for your feedback.
I understood that I’ve to spend both to 300DR and NDX2 :rofl:, I’ll take what I find first at a good price!

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