What's the scam?

I’m in the process of selling off my Naim kit & have been getting requests to buy from abroad - Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh etc. They all seem to want to sort the shipping themselves. Being a somewhat suspicious person :sunglasses: I’m trying to figure out if there is a scam what is it?

I’m thinking alleged non-delivery with no way of confirming if they organise it.

Anyone have any ideas?

I would definitely steer clear. If you are using ebay, then insist on using eBays global shipping process to cover you.

If the items are good enough then they will sell in the UK if you want a warmer feeling about the process.

Yes, I’m extremely unlikely to bite - just intrigued how the scam works. They’re all coming via FB.

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Just say no…

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I think it relates to the transport, that you end up paying it before the money they transfer to you clears - could be wrong.

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The usual scam IME is the buyer want you to send it to an intermediary in the UK who then sends it onto them. The scam comes to life when they claim not to have received the item and they get a refund because you didn’t send it to buyer.
Either stick with UK only or use the Global Shipping programme if you are happy to send overseas.

One of the scammers had the audacity to leave me negative feedback. I contacted eBay and they agreed with me and restored my feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Guinnless - that makes sense with eBay but this is via FB. I’m not aware of any compensation scheme with selling via FB. I’m assuming it’s a similar thing probably using PayPal as the compensation?

Sorry, just assumed it was eBay. I’m not sure how much safety you get with PayPal so can’t comment.

Be very careful with PayPal as payments are sometimes ‘held’ i.e. you cannot access, pending the purchaser confirming everything is OK or after something like 21 days/1 month. Also, without warning, they can freeze incoming funds under their security protocols.

IME, the way e-bay and PP are set up now (with the plethora of controls and processes), they’re only for lower-value goods, where shipping is easy (under their arrangements).

eBay is fine providing you don’t deviate from their processes and they are pretty helpful on the phone too.

I know of one chap who’s NAC82 was swapped out by the courier and he received some bottles of water wrapped in a blanket instead. All still in a Naim box!

FB market place is the on line version of a car boot sale, I wouldnt buy or sell anything of value on it! Although I have used it extensively for upcycling projects and even free pallets for various garden projects. Horses for courses I suppose

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I’d just say no and stick to a local buyer. There are so many scams and ass holes that’ll do anything to part you from your money.

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Had a similar situation with my recent Ebay listing for a HicapDR. Buyer asked if I would ship to Australia, so I ended the listing and relisted so he could bid. Long story short, he won then protested the import fee via Global (I didn’t even know Australia had import fees) and wanted to arrange his own shipping and pay through PP. I cancelled the transaction. Don’t know if this was a scam or not, but I’m sticking to UK only for the relist. Just safer.

I’ve sold a few Naim items on eBay recently. But only sell in the UK and don’t use their Global scheme.

Even with that, it’s amazing how many queries you get about shipping overseas with them arranging the collection. Often you get some sort of sob story to buy it now in a hurry.

I’ve found that you can not only block these “buyers”, so they can’t bid, but also stop them communicating with you again.

Something to consider at least, to stop some of the scammers.


As evident from another thread re return-shipping a set of repaired Focals back to Portugal, X-border shipments can present material documentation challenges, not just from a taxation/import duty perspective – and Naim’s printed blurb (about origin et al) on the outside of the boxes (assuming you ship it nude) won’t cut it alone.

Worse, if e-bay consider you have stepped outside their auction & delivery process, they can remove their advertised ‘seller protections’.

Thanks for all the really helpful advice.
I was never going to sell my kit abroad but I do find it fascinating to see how the scammers operate.

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I will someday start to trade down my kit and the thought of selling on eBay or whatever I don’t relish. I would probably ask dealer to sell. I believe certain place in St. Albans sells kit

I must admit that I never wanted to have anything to do with eBay, but decided to use it 2 years ago, with the first 2 items being Naim. I was very pleased with the process, and have gone on to sell all sorts of things through it, including Naim stuff, and a lot of clutter I have accumulated through the years. I have now sold over 120 items, including lots of stuff after having to clear the in-laws house, and couldn’t bring myself to throw away stuff that meant something to them. I successfully sold several Football binders that went to the Netherlands , with all proceeds going to Centrepoint.

Not had any issues yet with buyers, but suspect I may be due. I do always check their reviews and see what they have sold or purchased to get an idea of them.

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Just remembered, I even sold a unopened Harry Potter Chocolate bar that was about 15 years old to someone in France for £22 - plus they would pay the shipping costs :smile:

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That also reminds me that the first item I sold was to someone on this forum - he hopefully remembers - Mr G…