What's your "Go To" album when showing off your system?

This is my best vinyl demo. Hard to find IRL and not available streaming. Just a riot of percussion and a blast for a party.


always whatever the listener might actually care to listen to…

if ‘no preference’; something well mastered/recorded in a genre they care about…

if ‘no idea’, the Dire Straits is ‘radio stuff’ they have probably heard before, and so Private Investigations is an easy track to run with…

But truly, something fun to lead in with is Jamiroquai “A Funk Odyssey”; it is a great album to play, short songs, slightly varied in musicality, and truly from the high point of well mastered ‘mass market’ CD stuff…

The opening track is great because it is at such a low level that the listener has NO IDEA what volume the setup is at.
It can really grab a listener viscerally after getting them to focus on what is playing.
(and if they have no idea the genre, can have them get involved)
Letting the album play on in the background has enough funk for ‘fun’ whilst making coffees’ etc and socialising with the visitors. (and short enough that you can probably put on another CD whilst the listener may care to try out something of their own preferences, in a ‘more relaxed’ mood)

If the person was someone who listens to MUSIC and likes the genre contained; I like to play T.J Eckleberg - Superhydrated, -if the person is relaxed and ‘ready to listen’; I’d put on “Inches of Darkness”.
It has gritty vocals, stage depth and positioning (at the start), and enough emotion to be something that might actually hook the listener to actually care “who is this?”

Otherwise, being Aussie, I typically go with an Australian artist that the listener may not be familiar with.
I like to support artists, and whilst I don’t sell music, knowing that a fan is ‘just a good listen’ away… happy to supply THAT experience.


Another remarkable LP is Leo Kottke’s “Six And Twelve String Guitar” (Takoma Records), showing almost unimaginable virtuosity. Most people listening assume that that there have been multiple overdubs, but this man could actually do that without studio assistance.


There are some Albums or songs - but there are 2 Artrists, I like a lot, who pay some attention in their recordings and sound on stage…

Lambchop - here “Is a woman”

Kari Bremnes - here Og Så Kom Resten Av Livet


Another is Michael Hedges


I tend to play Incantations Cachapaya. Really shows off the control of your system especially at the end when all hell breaks loose.
You can hear all the different instruments and the separation .

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Kate Bush - Lionheart

So many acoustic/orchestral textures along with nice bass guitar lines or guitar riffs, great voice on most tracks and some pretty quirky songs.


Is it currently available on streaming services?

It’s on Qobuz. It’s also available as an SACD.

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Is it the combined 5th and 7th?

Yes, that’s the version I have. It’s a different cover picture to that posted by Graham. It’s always been reviewed favourably by the main publications.

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I usually hand them my iPad and let them choose themselves. My sister in law always picks Gordon is a Moron and Red Red Wine :rofl:


I don’t really have an album personally, but I was selling some gear one time and the buyer who came round bought the Jeff Wayne - War of the Worlds CD with him. Was a pretty good exercise for the speakers


Actually, tell a lie - if I had any friends to impress it would be the 50th anniversary cut of DSOTM

Rickie Lee Jones



Fabulous playing by the Clevelanders under Dohnanyi. Fabulous Decca sound. I show off my system with the first movement of the 9th. Just stunning.



I already have it - that’s the problem buying too many things in Qobuz sales at good prices.

You never listen to them all and forget what you’ve bought!

Also another reason I wish they’d show you’ve purchased something already when browsing rather than when you get to the checkout.


I wouldn’t play one whole album but a selection of tunes to show off just how versatile my system is and I’ve no problem with “showing off my system” as opposed to “listening to the music” because I’m proud of the way it plays music and none of my listeners are Hifi buffs; Hifi is something I like to proselytise.

My spread of tracks is:

Cherokee Morning Song/Walela.
Beethoven Pathetique - Adagio Cantabile/ Yundi.
Blue and Green (Miles Davis)/John McLaughlin Trio at the RFH.
A Walk Across The Rooftops/Blue Nile.
Pachelbel Canon and Gigue/Karajan BPO.

and if a whole album is called for:

DSOTM/Pink Floyd, of course.


I think many may have considered tracks or albums they’d use to demo new equipment choices rather than to show off to others.

The start of this track has always been a ‘go to’ on vinyl: