Whatt are the difference

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What are the difference between the cd 5i, the 5i mk 2 and the 5is? Is there a main difference

These would be a good starting point for you to research. Never heard any of them so can’t really comment.

Thanks dungassin.
I was curies how much better the sound is between the cd 5i and the newer cd 5 si , have enyone hat the older 5i and now the newer 5si ?

I have one of the cd5’s it was upgrade with flatcap2 and has always sounded very good , but I’ve continually upgraded and now have an ndx2 so the cd gets little use. By now, I no longer remember which have. It has no digital out but accepts power upgrade. By now, I think a lot of ppl will no longer remember which they own or have a clear memory of any comparison between the models, but good luck.

Thanks benjy.
Im curious of the cd 5si an realy upgrade worth is insteat the cd 5i that i have now. Thomas.

I tend to think that unless it offers features that you need it would not be much of a change. I know some versions were able to use an outboard dac and some could be upgraded with separate power supplies. Unless you need one of those features (if yours doesn’t do those things), I doubt it would make enough difference to sq to change.

Its not that i,m not satisfied with my cd 5i but i was only curies that de 5is was so much better.
I wont also try my set up make a little better step by step, i think of gold fuse in de XS and also in the cd player.

have enyone an idee wich one of fuse are the best?

We need to be careful discussing fuses - it’s a trigger word for Richard. Are you in the UK? If so, you’ll have a fuse in the plug of the mains lead - the original Naim-fitted fuse will be branded MARBO and many here feel it’s very good as it is.

If you’re outside the UK, you’ll be referring to the equipment fuse just next to the mains inlet. This is an even more sensitive topic of discussion but, to save a lot of grief, the fuses here are also specifically chosen by Naim not just to be of the right price and rating but to sound best.


With your Nait XS amp, I’d be looking for a good used CD5XS. It’s a fine player and can also be upgraded with a nDAC in the future. The CD5 is the natural partner for your amp. It’s where I started with Naim and the two make a fine combination.


It’s very important to use the correct spec slow-blow fuse in Naim gear. An aftermarket ‘upgrade’ fuse is likely to be the wrong type and to compromise the safety of your equipment.

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