When a Band Turns Into their own Tribute Act

I think you will know it when you see it…

The band which is still going & touring, but with almost no original members left… The band which is just one key member which whoever they decide is in the band… The band where a least 2 versions can be assembled from the former (living) members…

I will start it off… :grimacing:

Deep Purple, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Whitesnake, Fairport Convention.

I am pretty sure any of these can put on a very good show, but… they are not (IMO) really the same band…


Steve Howe’s Yes aren’t really Yes. They should have packed it in when Chris Squire died.


I think the list could be pretty extensive. Most of the 60s and 70s bands still going would fall into this category for me. Of course, many people enjoy going to see them and they sell tickets, for a fair few of the bands still touring it is a nice earner and for some of the lesser-known bands with a dedicated following it probably provides a much-needed supplement to the state pension. So a win all round for many, just not something that really appeals to me.

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It’s a bit harsh on the Stones I feel. 3 original members, a guitarist who’s been in the band 48 years, the only obvious gap is Charlie Watts.


Thinks its just 2 original members actually in the band - Jagger & Richards. But Ronnie Wood has certainly done his bit…!

As I said - I am pretty sure these bands can put on a very good show. But I honestly doubt the the bigger ones need the money…

I thought I read that Wyman had rejoined, but Googling it it seems he’s just played on some tracks of their forthcoming album as a tribute to Charlie rather than full membership, so sorry 2 originals.

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Indeed. No problem with this - just that its not the original band…!! The cost of the tickets can though, be… excessive (YMMV…) , but that’s the modern way.

Personally I will not pay more than around £50 to £60. I can see Steve Hackett (and have done, several times)… but not the Rolling Stones…

I did see Q+PR once, but without Freddie it just wasnt right. I have seen Fairport, once - but again it didn’t feel right.

I’m sure they don’t need the money, but I’m equally sure that they still enjoy getting onstage in front of an adoring audience as much as they ever did, which, at their age, can’t be a bad thing, surely? :raised_hands:


Yes… but the prices… :open_mouth: :expressionless: :confused:

They don’t need the money, but clearly someone does…!!!

Maybe this is ‘better’…

Probably about £20 in a small local venue, with easy parking…

(just something YouTube generated, but seems to be reading my mind…!)

Or… for less than £35… (*)

(actually £32, inc Robert Fripp…!!! This is Tribute Band level - !!!)

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Dr. Feelgood

Live at the Palace Theatre, Westcliff, Southend-on-Sea. 18/01/2018.

Lee Brilleaux was the last original member when he died in 1994.

most bands make feck all these days from record sales or royalties, the only way to make money is by touring with or without the original lineup


What has Joe done?
He is one of those artists captivated by his genre and what he does.

Seen him twice, at Brighton Centre and Newark Castle - brilliant shows.

Newark Castle 08/07/2016.

The Drifters !
How many versions? There are several on Tenerife alone.
I think they claim originality if they were there the previous year.


He is very expensive… IMO… YMMV, etc.

I quite like JB, but… have always been put off by the price of his shows. And he seems to just play the ‘big’ venues, in the UK.

Clearly he has no problem filling such venues. But sadly… not with me…

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We were there. It was an EXCELLENT show, with great support from the lovely Joanne Shaw Taylor. Those two should do a UK tour together!

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We saw 10cc a year or 2 before Covid.
No Godley or Creme of course, but Kevin Godley did appear in a specially recorded 3D Hologram type thing. It was interesting, but wholly unnecessary, as the band did an impressive set all by themselves. I honestly couldn’t tell you how many people on the stage could claim to be “Original” 10cc members… :man_shrugging:t4:

Or Eric Stewart - it’s only Graham Gouldman now.

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I’m seeing them at Cropredy this week.:grinning:


I though that was all Hey Nonny Nonny and everyone attending looked like a Morris man.