When is loose too loose?

I know I’m relatively new to the world of Naim and I know things like power sockets are kept loose for a reason, but should the volume control on the new SN3 that was delivered this morning be ‘wobbly’ and then come away in my hand to reveal the wires behind!?

Definitely not, call your dealer. With any luck they can fixit rather then send back, if not they should supply a new replacement……my dealer would.

Thanks for the quick response Gazza. Certainly took the pleasure out of unboxing new kit :slightly_frowning_face:

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To be honest I think its just going to go back and start again. Box arrived dirty and rather battered to begin. To add insult to injury I was told today that the ND5 XS 2 I’d ordered at same time on understanding would be delivered end of this month would now not be until mid August. Time for a rethink!

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Looks like it barely survived a precarious journey. I’d personally also not feel great about it and ask to exchange or send back to distributor/HQ for checking

Naim kit is usually well packaged to resist clumsy couriers. There were some corner dents on my Mu-so Wood delivered today so I took photos of the damage before I opened the box.

All was well though.

Take photo’s of your SN box.

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Always depends :slight_smile: There was this one picture once with a v-shaped CD555

@Naim.Marketing can you help, not the best start….would be nice to sort this out?

Sounds like box and unit have had a fall in transit - I would definitely talk to dealer

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Thanks Clare and Gazza. Spoke to the dealer earlier and they are trying to locate an SN3 at another branch. However no luck on the ND5 and I can’t jump to the NDX yet. Clare are you able to offer any insight as to whether there will definitely be stock in August? Appreciate that current circumstances are probably affecting supply. If not might have to rethink. Having only just got started with Naim last year (DAC-V1 and NAP100) I had been looking forward to this upgrade and an enjoyable weekend ahead :slightly_frowning_face:

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It sounds like your dealer is making the right moves….best be patient. Rather than jumping in another direction. Naim will look after you in my experience.

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Your dealer is better placed to get the latest info. Just ensure they have an order on system, rather than waiting for ‘free’ stock - with huge global demand and the ongoing supply chain issues, it’ll be a while before we’re sitting on product surplus!

We are doing everything to improve the situation re availability, but there are no easy fixes in this unique ‘perfect storm’ caused by COVID

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Thanks very much for all your help, much appreciated.

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Dealer is arranging collection of faulty SN3 and transferring one from another branch to arrive Tuesday. Unfortunatley they couldn’t do anything about the ND5 but an extremely helpful dealer in Ashford was able to help and looking forward to receiving one this afternoon! Feeling a lot happier again and looking forward to enjoying my music :smiley:


Unfortunate but these things are usually quickly and simply rectified, Naim and their dealer network are very efficient and supportive in that respect.
You’re in for a treat once it’s all bedded in and up and running, do come back and let us know how you get on.

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