When to change speakers?

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Ah, I see it now. I have seen those before.

Aren’t they cute!

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I bought a pair of Allison Ones back in the mid-1970s and loved them for 30+ years. The problem with them was that the silver alloy wire Roy used for leads to the tweeter were too small for the power the speaker needed to come alive and would burn through (melt) somewhat regularly. I would solder a slightly heavier gauge copper wire into the gap and be good to go for another few months or years, but finally the repair incidence became distracting and I gave the speakers away. So my idea would be to get new speakers when the old ones are played out or cease performing well for you.

I’ve been asking myself the same question. I’ve upgraded amplification recently and am looking at source now. Was thinking of leaving the speakers until last. Why that order for me ? I’m generally very happy with the ones I’ve got really and don’t know if they’re limiting. They may well be, but I don’t think I can assess that until I start listening to others which, with dealers being closed, has not really been possible recently. Last, but no means least, it took me so long to find the the PM1s last time that I’m expecting it to be equally time consuming next time. But the day (or rather days) will come. Home demos will be essential for me.

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