Where can I buy a Naim's sub lead?


I know that this topic has been on the forum before.
But I havent been able to locate where to actually buy the dedicated cable.

I want to connect my s/h N-Sub to my SuperCap.

From previous post on the forum
“Naim’s sub lead, available in 5m and 10m length, used low capacitance lavender/grey interconnect cable and was “slugged”. IIRC it had a 100R resistor fitted in the DIN plug. This enabled the pre-out in the power supply to drive such a long cable without instability.”

So where could this cable be found to buy?

Or is it possible to build/convert a standard rca to rca → DIN to RCA and how whould the connection scheme look like?

Best regards

An authorised Naim dealer should be able to order this cable (or any Naim product) for you.