Where do I find tidal connect with my naim uniti atom

Trying to find tidal connect with my naim atom … all the firmware are updated but it doesn’t show in the app

Have you activated Tidal within the input settings?

Thanks… no I’ve never done that

Still can’t get it work

Are you successfully logged in, and does it display your saved favourites in the Naim app?

Open tidal app, once played there’s a button (shown in the photo) at the top or bottom depend phone or tablet, click on it…choose Naim Uniti Atom. Your song will direct to the Naim. Now you can control tidal through tidal app instead.

Make sure your Naim is ON. Then enter tidal app.

Thanks… it’s working. Funny thing is that I’ve that way many times but I’m glad to have it working… thank you, you have to hit play on the track before it shows up right. That starts the track and select the atom.

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