Where do I go from here

I think I have finally accepted that in order to navigate the rest of my old age I need to move out of my Manor House and find smaller,less troublesome accommodation.
A village end of terrace cottage,close but not too close to my daughter is being renovated by the local handy man and might fit the bill.Space will of course be a premium but I will have someone to keep an eye on me and her partner is a ward sister at the local hospital😊
To this end I will need to change the system.
NDX2 can go Don’t use it that much. Many cds are on an attached hard drive but I can’t explain it…it just doesn’t appeal
CD5x and flat cap can go. Not quite good enough,no Naim replacement and perhaps not repairable in the event
Super n2 and hi cap ok no problem but…
Falcon and solid steel stands no problem but I now hear better detail through headphones and the stands are bulky.
I love my cd collection and the vinyl like tea ceremony of choosing and playing with the inserts and reference books beside is most satisfying.
All cds now in individual plastic folders and jewel cases discarded. Apart from digipacks and boxed sets. A lot of space saved.
So offers have been made to take it and replace with a new Accuphase cd and amp plus Meze empyreans… give or take.Probably more give…
I will buy a must qb2 just to give me sufficient forum entry purchase and listen to bbc radio 3 night tracks in bed.
I would love to hear any alternative thoughts about what or how to replace or live with all or part of what I have.

Sounds like you have sorted this out for yourself. There will be a few posts urging you to keep the Naim gear because this is a Naim forum, but they don’t live your life.
The QB2 is an excellent idea, I have one in the kitchen that keeps me company while I warm my food up each day.
Enjoy the low box count.

I have a Qb in my kitchen, great box of tricks.

The most important thing is to get whatever works for you. I do wonder, as it seems you are not going to have speakers, whether something like the Atom HE could fit the bill, ie a preamp with good headphone amp, whether from Naim or somebody else. It seems like a standard integrated amplifier might be largely redundant if just using headphones.

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Mmm… loosing the amplifier makes sense. Straight to the trilogy headphone amp.
Breaking down my conceived thoughts are helpful.


If the speakers are going, I question whether the amplifier is necessary.
If the cds are all close packed in plastic folders, finding the specific one you are after at any point may be inconvenient and frustrating.

I know of a couple of people who have switched from Naim 500 series systems to Accuphase cd player + amplifier and are delighted, so this is certainly an option.

A more compact one might be to go for a better music streamer that has a direct headphone output, which takes you down to one box.

Something like a DCS Bartok would be a very good start point.

Best regards, BF

Cds are alphabetical but the youthful existentialist still likes the random choice that is offered by tugging at four or five cds.


Atom HE
Audiolab or ProJect Cd transport


Cyrus have their new CDt-XR transport. Haven’t heard it but their transports have a good reputation and come in nice shoe-box size

Yes, something like the Trilogy 931 and a really good CD player is probably all you need. Get a one box CDP that’s nicely designed and a delight to use, connect to the Trilogy and job done. Small, simple and yet great sounding.

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Gave my records,tapes and Cd’s away.
I have early NAIM Chrome Bumper with a Sonos Port. The port about the size of 2 pks of cigarettes stream’s everything with my phone as the controller. I like Amazon Prime for music. Speakers are Theil small free standing. Hope you get the cottage. Long life and good health.Best to you.

If the location of this cottage is good and the land is good seems to me this is the time you might want to ask about changes that you could have done that would be beneficial to your music listening and life style.

A minor vicissitude of very old age.:cry::cry:
Heavy use of the headphones banned for the moment by health practise nurse. No meds. yet.
I have managed to get a right outer ear infection. Probably because my ears have been enclosed for longer periods.
So back to the speakers whilst we ‘re-strategise’

If these are LS3/5as, then I would build your system around them.

Hope it all works out.

Following on from Chris’s point, if keeping the Falcons, then the rather bulky Solidsteel stands could easily be replaced with Falcon’s much more elegant bespoke stand.

Off to Signals on Wednesday. I will report back.

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