Where do I invest in my system?

Hi. I have a modest system consisting of:

  • Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile turntable w/ AT VM95EN Cartridge
  • Pro-Ject Phono Box
  • Naim 5si
  • Monitor Audio Radius 90

I have an equally modest budget (up to £500) available to improve my system and I would appreciate some pointers. I feel like the speakers are currently the weakest link.

If it were me I would upgrade speakers. Second hand market would get you a nice upgrade for your Nait.

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+1 for speakers.

Probably speakers, but cables and rack can make a considerable difference

Invest? :joy:

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Thank you for the replies. Can you advise on some possible speakers please? Mainly looking at lower end Neat and PMC on eBay at the moment.

Monitor áudio silver line. Lots of sound for the money. Maybe a Used RX2. ( you can find it under 500€)

A good powerblock
For speakers under 500 , if new, I don’t see. But others will help.

Maybe stretch to a Rega Planar 3 with mm Fono stage?

The bigger change would indeed be speakers.

I’d save a little more (say £700-800) and go for used speakers.

I should have said I’m only considering bookshelf/standmount speakers, if that helps.

Q Acoustic make fantastic value speakers below £500 if you wish to improve there. Alternatively, a used pair of entry level Neat, Kudos or PMC DB1i speakers (fabulously musical yet forgiving too) would also be good options.

Except that I would buy a Rega Planar 3 or possibly an ex-dem Rega Planar 6, as this is where I suspect the greatest gains are to be had.

Hope this helps, BF


Can I ask what replacing the turntable would bring?

I believe in this case … some nice 2030’s or 20’s would make a nice difference … these are nice smooth detailed speakers…then use reasonable stands if you have cash left get a good mains block… like Russ Andrews X4…

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Second-hand Neat SX3 for 500 GBP (excluding postage) is possible — and they match Naim beautifully.

PMC might push it.

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Yeah those Monitor Audio Radius 90 are designed as satellite speakers…so won’t have great bass power… so upgrade these…

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