Where do Tidal get their music from?

Listening to this album in standard 16/44 FLAC, and I can clearly hear the sound of a stylus hitting the groove and running through it at the start of some tracks. At the start of track 4, I can also hear what I think is tape print-through, and there’s some weird, rather unpleasant low frequency stuff on track 5 and 6. Have they been buying cheap bootlegs in a market stall?

Guesswork mode here, but I suspect you’re looking at an album old enough to predate copyright protection, so consequently anybody can lash together a version of it from whatever source they fancy and put it up for sale and, it would appear, streaming.

Have a search on Amazon or the Qobuz download store for the myriad versions of “Kind Of Blue” on offer, a small fraction of which would have any direct connection with the master tape, I suspect.

Indeed, it’s certainly an old recording - David Oistrach died in 1974, and the only info Tidal give is a release date of 2013. Pretty shoddy to release something that had blatantly been made from an LP badly copied on a turntable.

I have found several needle-drops on Tidal including two volumes of the Klemperer complete Beethoven symphonies. Also, Gamba’s Rossini overtures.


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