Where do you buy your vinyl?

100% agree.

We recommend Dan at Hebden Bridge Records. He has a diverse range of stuff and is a good trustworthy dealer with excellent stuff. We buy no end of stuff from there. We live not far away but he does do mail order stuff too.

Yep, Dan’s great, and I’ve has some great buys from Sid at Muse Café just down the road.

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90% s/h on Discogs
10% new on Amazon.it

This is not a “for sale” reply as I know it’s not allowed, I have the opposite problem, I have a load of vinyl in the attic and don’t know how to sell it, where is the best place to get rid of it?


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I regularly use Vod records,Vinyl Tap,but do also use on line companies when I have to,I only really boycott one type of outlet,supermarkets,the curse of the independents.

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