Where does my Star cdp fit?

I’ve been enjoying CD music wirh my new (well, new in March) Uniti Star, and was happy with the extra output power over my Uniti1, but it just sounds so much clearer, too, much better definition all round.
I was reading a post on here discussing Naim CD players, and out of curiosity wondered where the player of my Star fitted into the heirarchy? Is it better or worse than the 5i? or the 5XS?
Having experienced such an improvement, I want to continue with the Star, and avoid going back to separate boxes, if I can.

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You must be getting the odd twitch of upgraditis or you wouldn’t be asking that question.

It fits in the middle of the uniti range, which is apart from the separates. The separates are more purist, the more separate the purer.

Audition before changing to anything else.

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Glad you are enjoying it, as Yeti says it sits mid way in the Uniti Range , firstly I wouldn’t even contemplate adding another CD player even if you think it would improve it

I have a Nova and an elderly CDX2 player. That’s a lovely bit of kit and about twenty years old. If in the next six months or so (which is when I am thinking of upgrading - as another pension becomes payable) I would head not for another player but a CD transport .

The Star will convert any CD signal a second time into digital and then analogue , so what you need to go with the Star is a CD transport not a CD player , to go with a quality piece of kit like a Star or Nova I would be looking at Cyrus or the very top of range Pro-Ject

Transports are available at all prices , but if you want to improve CD replay you will need a quality transport , as Yeti says Audition before changing or as I would say audition before adding .

In answer to your specific question about how it compares , my guess is it would be on a par with CD5Si , but I believe it uses a TEAC transport /mechanism as opposed to the swing door and puck

I use my Star to rip CDs, store them on a large SD card, so play the rips rather than the CDs. When the SD card is full, I will move to a larger SSD connected via the rear USB port.

The old Uniti had a CD matching CD5i (which is entry level)
but with shared psu, while seperate boxes obviously have dedicated psu.

Thanks for the info, it leads me to think that the sonic improvements are also due to the amplifier section, as well as the CD drive, which is different from that of my Uniti 1.
I don’t have room for two large boxes, so for the time being, I’m more inclined to continue to enjoy the better sound, and perhaps upgrade my modded RP3/MP200, to a P8, if I can get the Uniti 1 repaired and more saleable. The HiFi fund is slowly recovering, I just need to avoid jumping in too soon.
I’ve had Regas since 1983-island like the simplicity, though do wonder about a Linn, there’s many others to consider too, so no rush.
I haven’t tried ripping yet, but now that I have more understanding of the control system, I am going to try ripping to a 32 Gb SD card, and see how it works out. I’m one who is happy using physical media, don’t stream, which is my reason for buying Unitis for their CD player, something which is harder to find.
I do envy you Naimees who have systems I can only dream of, but that’s life.
Again, thanks for your knowledge.

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You’re not really comparing like with like. A stand-alone CD player includes a DAC, so you either have to compare transports only, or say a CD5XS with the player + DAC in the Star. And, of course a CD5XS can be upgraded with external power supplies or separate DAC.


I think that’s a good plan. I got into streaming via a series of baby steps. It started with a CD5XS into a Nait XS. Then I added nDAC as an upgrade to the CD player and next tried playing CDs ripped to iTunes on a little Mac mini via optical into the nDAC which I found to be a small but consistent improvement on using the CD5 directly. This eventually led to a 272 as a retirement present to myself with rips stored on network storage and finally to my present pre/streamer, where a good half my listening is Qobuz. If I’d had to make the jump to where I am now in one go, I’d probably still be playing CDs. There’s a lot to be said for moving gradually.


I understand, Roger, but after reading some time ago that the early Uniti CD drives were based on the CD5, I think it was, as my Star sounds so much better I wondered whether it’s CD drive has been improved, and presumably it has, but still not up to the standard of dedicated players. In fact I’m now listening to more CDs than before, preferring vinyl sound.
As I can only accommodate the single box of the Star, and funds are limited I am very happy to continue as I am; but with the improvements of CD replay, makes me wonder how much improvement I can expect with a better TT, which is affordable.I
Upgradeitis is vexing -the better your system gets, the more you appreciate your music, the more it costs, and unfortunately my pension pot isn’t that deep. Just wishing I’d taken it more seriously sooner.

The Uniti Star uses a TEAC CD-SN250 transport: CD-SN250 - TEAC Europe GmbH

Ok, ta, I will file that for future use, just hope I don’t need it.
I am looking forward to enjoying the Star as it is, it’s a considerable improvement on my Uniti 1, and is here for the forseeable future.

I don’t think it’s safe to assume that Naim use the standard firmware in their Teac CD drives. They may do but they may not….

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I agree, davidhendon, and I think I that Naim have as usual worked their magic on the electronics to give another great device. It’s what they’re good at, as evidenced by their other products.
My initial query was because, as the Star’s CD playback was so much better than My Uniti 1, I wondered if it compared favourably to standalone Naim CD players. I don’t think it does, but I am happy to enjoy things for the foreseeable future, as the extra amp power has improved speaker and headphone listening, as I hoped it would.

I’m positive you will; been/am thoroughly enjoying my Star.

That’s reassuring, gjvoosten, and as there don’t seem many problem posts regarding Stars, I’m looking forward to several years of musical enjoyment and involvement.
As most of my listening is via phones, B&O H6 and Alessandro MS1, through the on board outlet there’s far more detail, musicality, and some sounds seem to have more "physical impact ", if you know what I mean.

Hi Geoff, many of us started with an ever so 'umble Nait and worked our way ever upwards.

And then some of us started to downsize (which meant more sales for Naim)

There are some simple, well thought out systems in stunning rooms on these pages , price is not the final arbiter

I started with Naim gear with a used 32.5/110, then to 72/140, then to Uniti 1, and finally Star.
It’s good to be among friends, ful of arcane knowledge.

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