Where has it gone?

NDx2/SN2/Hicap dr.
Some buggar had stolen my right hand channel during the night.
Switched all off for an hour.
Swopped speakers.
Different cable on ailing channel.
Any thing else I can try?. Presumably it’s the SN2?
Only allowed in loft to get manuals under daughterly supervision.
So a mono weekend till Heavens’ doors open. (Dealer humour)

Do you have any other source you could try, like anything analogue? That could help rule in or out the SN2.

It might instead be a fault in the NDX2. You could try a factory reset of the NDX2.



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It as David says could be a sticking relay on the ndx2. If you are using din to din, you could try the rca to rca, if you have any of those leads of course.

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That’s rather unfortunate!

Another thing you could do is set the NDX2 to variable volume mode and connect it directly to the SN2 power amp. This would eliminate the preamp and Hicap, and potentially give you 2 channels until you can get a fix.
(Trouble is, you probably don’t have the right cable!)


Try a different input on the Supernait, otherwise, as others have suggested try switching output to RCA Phono on the NDX2.

If you have any other source, even an iPod, try that through the Supernait2, just to try to eliminate it as the culprit if possible.


Thanks all.
Testy,testy backache.
Seems to be the SN2.
I will send a Signal on Tuesday.
Worse things happen at sea.


Does it work ok with headphones?

No sir. Just the same. No right hand.
I will leave it to Signals to sort. He lives quite close.
Them toroidal transformer thingys and my old back do not make a good match.:angry:


I think they are back tomorrow at Signals? I checked they are open tomorrow, best of luck.

Curious coincidence…

the millennium bug delayed 21 years?

Thanks. I didn’t check.
Will ring Andy tomorrow and let you know.

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Dragged a friend round (we formed a bubble) who has a nd5 xs2.
He was able to help me move things about and yes it is the ndx2 that is at fault.
Nd5 was fine on both channels.
Apologies to all for my technical ineptitude.As my daughter says… surely you have got a screwdriver.

Bravo! At least we can rest easy now that we know the right box is going to the menders.

Hope you can get it sorted.

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