Where is it stored?

On my iPad mini I have lots of favourite tracks, albums, playlists etc etc for Tidal and local NAS.
Where is this information stored?
If it is on the iPad and that fails, then is all this information lost?
If so, how do I make a back up ?

Hope I have made myself clear.

It will be in the device, so make sure you are using iCloud backup.

Thanks but as a complete technophobe, I haven’t got the slightest idea how I would do that

I’m pretty sure Tidal favourite information is stored by Tidal. If you log into your tidal account from a PC, you will be able to view, add and delete favourite artists/albums.

You’re right about tidal, I’ve added tracks to a qobuz playlist via the Naim app and can see that in the qobuz app and roon.
What’s the upnp server you’re using?
iCloud backup should be enabled by default.

I have the Naim app on a number of devices and I can see the same favourites on all of them. But the Naim app isn’t one that is backing up to iCloud so I’m not sure this is correct.

I have googled it and I think I have changed default settings on the iPad to back up whenever it is charging. The default setting was NOT to back up to iCloud

Backed up to iCloud with my name and email address

If they are tidal or qobuz favourites, then that’s pulled from tidal or qobuz.
For favourites of local files, I’d have to try to see if the app on my iPad and iPhone show the same thing.

Did this on my iPhone…. Can’t be seen on the iPad, favourites is empty. So that is unique to the device.

Actually I’ve only got Tidal with no local storage so that probably explains my confusion.

I don’t back up to icloud but that doesn’t seem to stop apps using it for synchronising settings. Perhaps Naim could add that as a feature in the next update.

Easy to say… but a technophobe is likely to need guidance and assistance, possibly a lot, rather than an easy quip by someone who, presumably, has greater knowledge and capability. By their very nature technophobes don’t generally find such things easy to find and learn, while at the same time they want to stream music just as do technophiles, and with the same degree of resilience. Ideally manufacturers and dealers should provide a foolproof service tailored to the technical competence of the user, but in practice I think that is rare.

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Your subscription services will provide storage for your music via your account(s) with them. As for your NAS your local music is stored onto that device itself. All of your passwords and other information to use those services is stored onto your linked device(s) such as iPad, iPhone etc…this is usually done by default. However one can see this by going into the settings and checking that iCloud Backup is enabled to do so:

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Apologies for assuming you are a technophile. But my point stands:
OP: “Where’s my data? How do I back it up? I’m a technophobe.
Reply: You need to know. You need to learn.
It is unhelpful to tell a technophobe they need to learn: the term technophobe often means that even the language used by others discussing is simply gobbledegook. What is often needed is help learning, and that may mean a lot of help, guiding every step of the way, not just telling them they need to learn!

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You win.

I have Deleted all my Posts.

Well done.


The main problem technophobes have, is being given the impression that streaming is so complicated; you need to be a technophile to do it properly.

The OP doesn’t need to be taught anything technical. His favourite’s info is stored by Tidal, so no need to worry if his devices fail. All he needs to remember is his email address and tidal password to log in.


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