Where is Naim taking Album info from in the Tidal integration

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I’ve noticed that when I play Tidal albums from the Naim app on my Uniti Nova, sometimes there is a paragraph about the album, with some really cool info in the app.
I don’t see this info in the Tidal app, so I was wondering where is Naim taking this info from and can it be accessed from the web?


In the TIDAL app you can go to Credits and then there’s a tab Info. Isn’t it that what you’re seeing?

Otherwise, can you share an album where the TIDAL info differs from that in the Naim app.

Rovi I believe (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TiVo_Corporation#Data), if you are using iOS. (The feature doesn’t seem to exist on Android)

There’s another Apple/iOS only feature? You are joking?

Not joking. Rovi metadata seems to be used by the app (search forum for Rovi) and as it is nowhere to be seen on my Android (and according to some posts I read) I believe it is iOS only.

I also believe this is one source of members not understanding some of the benefits of Roon if they are using iOS :slight_smile:

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thanks for your answer, interesting stuff.

It’s a bit sad and frustrating to pay thousands of hard earned euros to essentially be treated second class. I don’t think there’s a single example of a feature that only Android has…

:man_shrugging: I switched to Roon :slight_smile:

I suppose the obvious question is why is it not available in the Android version of the app? Is there a good, technical reason why not or is it perhaps down to licensing?

Still sad that you need to, assuming you only switch for those features that are only available on iOS.

Wouldn’t that be part of your vendor selection process? It’s not like the Android app was added recently after the iOS app had already existed with those features for a long time. Just picking a service and only discovering afterwards that it won’t work for a large part of your supported customers wouldn’t reflect too well IMO.

Not only those, Roon delivers so much more (and more than may be reasonable to expect from a player app). It’s just that I tended to mention the album and artist descriptions as one Roon feature I like, and frequently got the reply that they are there in the Naim app anyway.

I don’t know how exactly the differences from iOS to Android are. When I had unrelated issues on Android, I borrowed the iPad from the dealer and found album/artist descriptions that I didn’t have on Android (I think they were even labeled “by Rovi”, but I don’t have an iDevice at hand to compare)

When I look in the Android app under the Qobuz input (not having Tidal), some albums and some artist have descriptions, but many do not. Some of the descriptions are in German (and I believe these come from Qobuz as for some odd reason the Qobuz app also insists on showing descriptions in German if the location is Germany, even if the app language is English. (Very annoying too!)). So I guess they might all be coming from Qobuz.

Seems to me that the iOS app has more and is much more consistent

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@n-lot and @Anton

The single “*” is surely a typo and the Rovi support should use the “**”
From https://www.naimaudio.com/product/naim-app

On the same page:


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Added to the feature request thread: Feature request thread - #207 by n-lot

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