Where is Tidal's My Mixes?

Can anyone tell me how I can access the “My Mixes” option from within the App (Android version)?

In the “My Collection” section, I currently have access to “My Playlists”, “My Albums”, “My Artists” and “My Tracks”.

I am a Tidal Premium subscriber (not that it should matter, though).


They will show up after a week or so when it understand what music you like.

Then it must be that Naim can’t actually understand the music I like :smiley: because the My Mixes feature has been available in the Tidal app on my tablet (or on my smartphone, or on my PC, etc.) for quite a while now.

Forgot to mention that I use a NAC-N272, should that make any difference.

Ah you mean inside the Naim app? They don’t have a place there. You need to save the Mix in Tidal as a playlist, then use them in Naim app…

I mentioned this to Naim a few months ago, and they said that they might be able to add it in future. No sign of this happening so far, but maybe if you send them some app feedback it will prompt them to do it.

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