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Frankly, I would try and upgrade the room - room treatment that is. If you haven’t already done so by now. Over the last year I went through a bit of a similar total component makeover. After that I invested in a microphone to use with the REW software, and around 20 EUR on what is arguably the ugliest 30 cm corner DIY bass trap east of the Atlantic. But it did work to improve the sound! I realized that with just a pair of curtains and a modest rug, my room was so reflective that I gotten used to it. Since it’s a home office, I even noticed my own voice (baritone) is dampened now :slight_smile:

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Hi @MarkB_UK My main suggestion would be to give some thought to where you might end up and then go and audition some of these endpoints, even if you’re not planning to get there in one step.

FWIW I moved my main system from Naim to Auralic Vega G2 with active speakers a year or so ago, but do have Naim in my office. So here are a few suggestions of systems to aim for at broadly the same price.

  1. NDX2/SN2 or SN3. Be aware that as soon as you get your NDX, you’ll be told you need a power supply to hear what it’s really capable of!

  2. Auralic Vega G1/SN2 or 3. You don’t need to use the G1’s digital volume control.

  3. Auralic Vega G2/NAP250DR. The Vega has a rather good analogue stage and resistor ladder volume control so no preamp needed.

I don’t know your speakers, but may be best to hold off on changing them until you’ve sorted the electronics, unless you go active.

But do listen to some options first.



Thanks @PeakMan, I really like this idea.

My first instinct is to feel shy of taking up time or appearing to take the mickey if I know for certain I’m not buying, but you’ve pointed out the obvious fact that I simply won’t know how big an improvement I might hear at the level I might consider spending, nor indeed whether that extra spend merits the inevitably diminishing returns (as @Sloop_John_B noted), until I actually listen for myself.

I mentioned earlier I generally go out of my not to audition too far beyond my current budget to avoid coming away disappointed with what I can afford, but you’ve made me realise that as I’m nearing the likely limits of my budget it makes complete sense to make more of an effort to calibrate where that limit could sensibly be positioned between my ears and my wallet.

And thanks, too @pbode, I did have this in mind but was starting to get carried away with the boxes again. I’ll put this back at the top of my agenda!

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