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I must admit I get confused about the options now - is there anywhere I can purchase CD quality albums (or CD quality plus) and actually then own the album without paying a monthly subscription to the likes of Amazon Music or Spotify ?
I have a NDX so wish to store the hi-res music on mu iPhone - it then being played on th NDX.

Many artist have a presence on Bandcamp, and it’s the most artist friendly option
Qobuz has a download store
highresaudio dot com

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Cd quality from virtually anywhere, Amazon, Qobuz etc. Hires can’t be bought and owned as a download from Amazon as far as I can see. Qobuz has some hires to buy and download but they have different hi res qualities available, so check. I know nothing of what the other main contender, Tidal, offers.

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7Digital is another download supplier that I’ve used.

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Music downloads are still widely available despite their much reduced popularity since the rise of streaming services. I would second Bandcamp as a good option.
Qobuz sometimes have some good bargains although their service can be a bit hit and miss.
The NDX is really designed to work with a UPnP server, which generally runs on a computer or NAS on your network. An iPhone is not really the right tool for the job here. At a push you could use it with a USB cable and play music stored on it from iTunes.

I often purchase hi-res tracks from ProStudioMasters, as well as hi-res and CD quality from HDTracks. Very satisfied in dealing with both.
I’ve used 7Digital as well but found that some of their sources cannot always be trusted (in terms of quality and, at times, legitimacy).

Do you have any evidence for this, I’d have expected legal action if this was the case.

I’ve found HDTracks to be very good for the few purchases I’ve made, and their customer service is good too, should you ever need it.

For Classical musical Presto have a very wide range

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Presto have a fair selection of jazz available too.

Chandos have a shop for downloads: The Classical Shop. It doesn’t just sell Chandos.



Several instances of “reissues” from so-called budget or boutique labels (such as TP4 Records, for example) that are questionable at best… some claiming to be 24-bit releases, some sourced from digitized LPs, etc.
I’m not necessarily blaming 7Digital here, just questioning some of their sources… Not sure how they get around the legal issues.

Here is list of CD quality or better if you are in the UK and looking for popular and jazz music.

You need to do your homework as there can be a considerable price difference - Juno download sometimes knock the ball out of the court.

Presto Jazz
Hi Res Audio
Juno Download

Why not buy the CD and rip it yourself? Secondhand CDs especially can be purchased for very little outlay. You also have the ultimate backup of the actual disc.


Thanks everyone - some good site suggestions there !

You can buy CDs at any record sore, online or physical, even secondhand, and rip them….


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