Where to fit an ER in the Ethernet chain

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Anyone tried an ER at various points in the Ethernet chain? Certainly the B port goes into the streamer but what is less obvious is at which end of the cable.

I have around 30m of Cat6a cable with Telegartner plugs wired through the building between network cabinet and streamer. In the cabinet I use quality Zyxel switches (supporting IGMP) so I can either:

1: Zyxel switch > ER > 30m Cat6a > ND555
2: Zyxel switch > 30m Cat6a > ER > ND555

It would be easy to just try both but the ER has not been bought yet and I will also get a MCRU linear PS. With Opt 1 I could choose a dual PS and run a second ER to my second system both off the dual PS, both hidden away out of sight. With Opt 2 I would need to consider 2 single output PS units and need to find an extra shelf on the rack(s) to house it all.

Also, I can connect both ends of the Cat6a ground wire, or just 1 end (either) or fully float with no ground connected at all. My thoughts are to connect once at the switch end only providing some shielding but avoiding a ground loop. I know sometimes a shield wire can give an aerial effect and general wisdom is to float the Ethernet ground but is this fully or half!


I have the ER / MCRU on the same rack as Nds/ Ear Yoshino pre/ 250 dr. ER connected to Melco N1z2 , on port B. Melco to Nds by Ethernet cable, 0,75 m Audioquest diamond.
Another 0,75m Diamond from ER to Melco.
1m vodka from router to ER ( router in tv rack).
So very short lengths. No grounding.

For your set up I feel @Michaelb will be able to respond. I would avoid personally a long 30m length between ER and Nd555. Not sure the grounding is really necessary, specially if you have nothing more on the ER.

I agree place the ER close to the ND555 and connect B port to your server (Melco for example if you have one) with a short lead with floating plugs and then your server to the ND555. The addition of a linear PS is also very worthwhile.

Thanks guys. I do have a Core but TBH don’t use it much, most of my streaming is from online sources. I had planned plugging the B side of the ER into the ND555 and would not worry too much about the Core (could add another ER if I felt the need later). I get the feeling from the relies you expect the ER to be on the server not the streamer and use a SPDIF cable between. That would not give me any “ER effect” on the network of the ND555, which is what I use the most.

I must admit after less than 24 hours i am tempted to buy another ER to replace my other switch on the system ti which my Core is connected.


Yes if you are only using online sources then connecting the ER B port direct to your ND555 with a short lead is your best option.

In your case you should connect the ER port B to Nd555 and ER port A to the Core.
The Melco has two ethernet ports, one is specified to be directly connected to the streamer.

I’d be inclined to agree. But if you cann, I’d let your ears decide. You never know…

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