Where to put an isolation platform?

I’m contemplating taking a punt on a Zazen ii Isolation platform… wondering where I would get the biggest benefit. I have the following gear:

552 DR
RP 10 (sitting on a wall bracket… so it can’t go under the TT)
552 DR PS
250 DR

I’m leaning towards trying it under the NDX 2 first. I’m assuming the 552 and Superline would benefit less due to the brass sub-chassis, but I could be way off base there. The gear is all sitting on Quadraspire 4 Evo.


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NDX 2 probably. Usually, you get the most bang for the buck placing the front end (source) on the isolation platforms. Next up would be the 552DR.

I bought one of these platforms for my P8.
Hated it, sucked the life out of the sound to my ears, so I was going to return it.
Just for shits and giggles, I tried it under my ND5XS2…much better.
Thats where it is today.

I have a isoAcoustic zaZen 1 isolation platform both under my P8 and CD player. I decided to do so because I have the East Coast mainline at the bottom of my garden. As I type this, I’m playing a record and a train is passing , I can feel the vibrations through my feet. The P8 didn’t skip a beat, I feel it sounds slightly better with it. On the other hand the CD player can be iffy.

Mind you the Azuma trains are a bit quieter and with less vibrations than the previous engine, the pots and pans don’t rattle as much but the radiator in the back bedroom clangs on its mount. Finished typing, three trains gone by, no make that four.



I used to use an Avid Isolation Platform under the CDS3. It is now under the Radikal.

With the Superline the first priority would be to make sure it doesn’t need shims. A bit of wobble would mean it does.

Thoughts? You have a lovely system, far too good for the Evo. I’d save your money and get a Fraim or at the very least a Quadraspire SVT in bamboo.

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Ah, the missionary zeal of the Fraim owner. Have the Pearl Girls taken over the Forum?


Thanks for the feedback everyone. HH… I hear you. At some point in my future a better rack will on my radar. As it stands now, I’m at the end of a long road. 3 years post divorce, have just moved into a new home with my partner and her kids. I’m very excited as the listening space in this house is by far the best I’ve ever had. I’ve spent the last two days tweaking my setup, and the room affords the fewest compromises I’ve ever had in a listening space. I’ve got my brains and brawn separated, brawn on the right, brains on the left, power running in one direction, signal in another… and cables reasonably well dressed. The sound is stunning. I’m contemplating options to improve my current rack after discovering the significant improvements related to installing Gaia isolation feet on my speakers… I just can’t splash out for a rack right now, but as an interim solution the Zazen platforms are reasonably priced, and I’m happy to support a Canadian company.

Surely the question is back to front, unless you have acquired the platform for nothing or virtually so, or it is available at zero or negligible cost, the question. Isn’t it better to ask I have X sitting on Y, what would improve it most for Z cost, an isolation platform such as K under one of the components (which one?) or something else, or not worth anything until I can afford more?

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