Where to put what component

Hello All,

After some redecorating i started wondering what is the best position of the different components.
(being Naim NAP180, Naim NAC62, Naim CD5i, Revolver Black Ash-Super, Grado Gold)

Because of room constrictions (form, space, the place of grounded sockets) all my gear is on one side of the room; speakers left and right, gear in between. The turntable is about 30cm away from the speakers.

Now my pre-amp sits on its own tripod stand in between power-amp (left) and turntable but is this the best set-up?
Should i place the turntable in the middle?
Should i place the CD player on the same stand as the pre-amp?
Problems are the lengths of the interconnects and length of the power cord to the NAP.
(And maybe of the ‘audio grade’ power cord i consider.)

So another question is: how important is the power cord? What is the influence if i buy a longer standard non-Naim powercord?
And: how does a voltage-overload-protector (lightning) influence the sound of the system?
Questions, questions, questions… and HIFI should be relaxing?!

A photo may help here.

Surge protection devices have been found to reduce SQ, however they can offer good protection. In my case my main CU has it, but my dedicated HiFi circuit does not. In the latest Electrical Regs (18th edition) it is recommended, but not mandatory.

Sounds like your set up is currently a long way from the recommended norms…??

Compromise is your enemy here. Everything on a dedicate stand (or stands) of some sort should be your aim, IMO. But YMMV… :thinking:

I would stick with Naim power cords. They have been specifically chosen to give you the most musical performance from your system.

Having said that I believe I remember Richard Dane once posting that he makes up his own power cords using Pirelli cable if he needs longer. I once looked into this but I was unable to identify or source the cable. Apologies Richard if I’ve got it wrong - memory especially at my age can be a strange thing.

I wouldn’t get too obsessive about placement. Often domestic rerstrictions will have a large influence on how equipment is arranged/positioned within a room and it may not be possible to optimise things here. Such is life. Just try to at least get it all on a decent stand. Have a look at some of the System Pics for ideas/inspiration.

He said that it worked well but Naim had to stop using it long ago when it could no longer be sourced.


Well I guess that puts the tin lid on that then!

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