Where to start with Colosseum?

Heard a track on the wireless the other day. Can’t remember the name but it piqued my curiosity. The consensus amongst the River reviews is that Valentyne Suite is the one to go for. Yay or nay?

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I’d give that a yay then -

After those you’ve got-


This double live album is essential listening to me.
Valentyne Suite is great and also widely available on re-releases either on CD or vinyl. But you may still be able to find a first pressing “A Philips Record Product” for decent money.
Good luck and happy listening.:sunglasses:


Yep, “Valentyne Suite” and “Live” are the ones to go for. If you choose the CDs then they come with bonus tracks.

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Thanks for the recommendations folks.

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Sorry, Chris Farlowe does this no Favours.

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The first one … Those Who Are About To Die Salute You

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Agree Chris Farlowe can be a bit marmite to some but Clem Clemson’s guitar playing, especially on Lost Angeles, is great.

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As the son of one of Colosseum - DickHS on saxes - I can but agree on Valentyne Suite & Colosseum Live as their two best - I do think there are some other excellent tracks, but those two are the best complete albums. Nice to hear people still appreciate it!


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I remember seeing Colosseum II live with Gary Moore on guitar. Superb evening. That’s going back to about 1978/9


Definitely, it is a wonderful album. I would also endorse the recommendations for Live. Those Who Are About to Die Salute You and Daughter of Time are also very fine albums, but Valentyne Suite is where I’d start. If I ever compiled one of those lists of must-hear albums it would be near the top.

The late Jon Hiseman was a wonderful person and his wife Barbara Thompson is one the best sax players around. She suffers from Parkinson’s disease sadly. When D1ck (sic to get around auto-censor) Heckstall-Smith passed away, Barbara took over Sax duties for Colosseum.

Barbara’s group was Paraphernalia and Jon played drums and produced her albums including Breathless, which is another stunning record.

If you seek out Valentyne Suite on vinyl and are lucky enough to find a first pressing on Vertigo then go for it. otherwise Music on Vinyl did a decent reissue.


Hi Arthur! Nice to see you here, thought you would appreciate it.

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I’m going to go for Valentyne Suite, but god only knows when it will arrive.

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I’ve just listened to and really enjoyed Valentyne Suite on Qobuz - What a great album! Vinyl/music copy now on order from Junorecords. Thanks all!

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Hey Arthur! Cheers, Rich.

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