Where's the problem?

Setup here… QNAP NAS running BubbleUPnP server to create OpenHome instances of a couple of Sonos speakers so I can stream to Sonos from the NAS with a proper UPnP server (Asset) and also the ND5 XS2 so that I can use Linn Kazoo on the laptop to control the streamer and view what’s currently playing.
Problem: when trying to play from Tidal to the Naim streamer using Kazoo on the laptop. it just won’t play ball; this is a recent development as it worked fine for a long while. From Kazoo on the laptop I can stream Tidal to the Sonos speakers fine. I can also stream from Qobuz and the NAS to the Naim using Kazoo and they work fine too. Using the Bubble UPnP app on my phone I can stream from Tidal, Qobuz and the NAS to the ND5 XS2 as well as the Sonos speakers and again that all works fine.
So why is it only a problem streaming Tidal to the Naim using Kazoo? If there was a problem with the combination of Bubble server and Tidal why does it work OK when streaming to Sonos?
This is driving me nuts, anybody else seen similar behaviour or any idea what the solution might be? I’ve already tried uninstall/reinstall of Kazoo, restarted the NAS, rebooted the router and laptop with Kazoo on it all to no avail.

Is this related to the recent change to login processes by Tidal? I think it finally kicked in a few weeks ago. You can read multiple things about this in the forum over the last few months because Naim had to update firmware on all the streamers and on the apps too.

That happened a while ago and Bubble was updated to take account of the changes.
But even if that were the problem then surely Kazoo on the laptop wouldn’t be able to stream Tidal to the Sonos speakers?

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