Where's the volume gone?

Earlier this year I was tutting that I couldn’t use the Naim stack to anywhere near its potential - the volume at about 35 wasn’t quite enough to make it produce depth and clarity, anything from mid-40s upwards was too loud for the room and much beyond that it carried into the garden and over the surrounding neighbours.

FF to now and 35 is quiet background noise, 45 it’s just starting to happen and 50 is ok, but lacking something - the punch and drive has gone AWOL. It feels like the effect of playing music via Bluetooth from the phone into a speaker with the phone volume too low and the speaker volume being unable to compensate, however high it goes. In short, it’s become disappointing, and the punch that was there at decent volumes no longer is.

What’s changed? One major diff. It used to run Minimserver on the Pi, I managed to bork that when doing some upgrades so replaced it with BubbleUPnP [paid for version] and then at the same time migrated from Tidal to Qobuz. Initially it was great and the Witch Hat cables gave it a further boost; now though? Not so impressed.

The only setting I can see in Bubble is the Replay Gain toggle, which doesn’t have any effect. Any suggestions from the floor?

272/555PS -> 300DR -> ATC SCM40s

Think you might have answered your own question as to what has happened/changed??

Can you revert back as a temp measure and see if the magic returns?

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