Which 0% beer are you drinking and why might someone else enjoy it?

Guinness 0.0 is a nice safe (if driving) way to enjoy a Guinness. Bet it tastes better in Eire though!

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I prefer the Peroni but will go for Ghost Ship as second choice.

Many years ago I recall Becks alcohol free as being drinkable, in small quantities. Quite different from the real thing but passable.

These days I generally go for a pint of soda water with a small dash of lime if I’m in a situation where I can’t have alcohol.


I will drink this

But I prefer this

Although some way off alcohol free.


The ordinary Doom Bar tastes like crap so there was never any hope for the 0% version.


Like Adam, above, I’m a fan of of Brooklyn ‘Special Effects’.


+1 for Ghost Ship and Guinness 0.0

Adnams also do a 0.5% cider called Wild Wave, which is not bad

Wouldn’t buy anything from BrewDog if you paid me.

Thanks Graham, I’ll see if I can find the Erdinger here. I believe Canada has a limited selection of 0% beers, as with most things here. It is good to hear though that they are generally better than what was available 5+ years back when I was originally looking, and many more brewers are offerring products now, I guess.

HH - I don’t disagree. Not a fan of amber ales, as usually far too sweet and meek in taste. On a hot day I succumbed to the ‘balanced & moreish’ labelling :frowning:

The best I’ve tried is Leffe Blonde 0.0%, as with most low alcohol beers the colder the better.

All the Brulo range are good, Birmingham Brewery Sober Brummie, Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout and also their Coba Maya, Mikkeller Non Alc Wheat Ale, Northern Monk Holy Faith, Adnams Low Alc Pale Ale, Marks and Spencer Czech Lager is excellent.

I had that on a night out when I couldn’t drink. Best alcohol free drink I’ve had.

Nearly all the other ones fail with unpleasant chemically aftertastes

The beers are a lot better than they used to be: anyone remember Kaliber about 30 years ago? Tasted pretty filthy, IIRC.

The real horrors, IME, are the alcohol-free gins. I got given a free sample of a well-known brand in the street a year or so ago and felt very pleased for being in the right place at the right time to get a good freebie. Later, I tried a sip. Then I threw the remainder down the sink.


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Could someone suggest some good gluten-free beers, or does that deserve another thread?

Actually, a lot of the 0% beers are low calorie as well.

Agreed, most 0% gins are awful.

The best we’ve tried is Tanqueray Zero which is OK.

Damm Daura is very good, I happily drank it not knowing it was gluten-free, my gluten free friend thought I had been very kind getting some in for him, I hadn’t, I had just picked up the wrong box.
Also the Gluten free beer company makes a range of good gluten free beers according to my friend.

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Tried quite a few in recent years.


Lucky Saint
Brooklyn Special Effects
Heineken 0%
Guinness 0.0a few of the Erdinger ones.

I actually like Doom Bar and the 0% version.

Some of the Belgian ones are nice too just rather carb/sugar heavy for me.

Agree with earlier comments on 0% gins (and wines) Tried several and didn’t really find any gins I enjoyed enough to have regularly.

An annoyance with the very low alcohol spirits is that they don’t have a decent shelf life after opening and require refrigeration which I forgot to do.

Have honestly never understood the point of a 0% beer.

Perhaps a cultural thing.

For the last 30 years drinking beer has taken me round the world. I’ve been to many countries I likely wouldn’t have visited sober. I’ve been to sporting arenas and events I wouldn’t have normally considered. I’ve done things I would never have imagined I’d even attempt.

My friends and I have gone through various life stages and have many fantastic memories (or sometimes lack of) around shared experiences across the world.

None of this was achieved drinking 0% beer.

Other soft drinks are available. But they usually taste better diluted in a spirit. Visit the Caribbean, water is the soft drink of choice to dilute high proof rum :laughing:

Designated drivers always drink Irn Bru. It’s the law and nobody bats an eyelid.