Which 32.5 boards to remove?

I’ve recently swapped my 62 for a 32.5 and wanted to get the most out of it. I only use the Tuner input from my Uniti.
Boards inside:
325/7 (single)
? And a pair that I can’t see the detail - nearest to the source selector.
Which ones can I remove?

The board types are
NA322 and 323 Phono
NA326 Fixed Line Input link board
NA328 Variable Level Line input
NA324 Tape Output Buffer
NA321 Main Gain, Output Drive
NA325 Switch on relay

so you can take out the 328/1 and 324/7
Not sure what a 331 is, could it be 321?

Hi - I can’t help you I’m afraid but I wondered if you could elaborate I why you made the change from 62 to 32.5. Thanks.

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Thank you

Yes, that was a typo, 321 boards not 331.

I do have the list, I wasn’t sure what was needed to run just 1 din input.

Ok, so that is 4 boards that can be removed.

Do you know what the pair of boards are nearest the source selector?

Nothing more than experimenting, I still have the 62 which is paired with my BD160 in my attic system. I wanted to try a 32.5/HC/BD250 to see if it really was worth the upgrade.

First impressions are no, it is quite a big investment for little to no gain.

I want to try a few tweaks before I decide fully. The only way I can describe the difference is the the 250 seems brighter, which is a little harsh when the volume is up, I did try a CB250 before Christmas but that was no where near as good as the BD160. The BD250 is better than the CB250 but I’m not convinced that it is better than the BD160.

I enjoy swapping things around, I end up listening to more music then, which can’t be a bad thing. And, the older amps never seem to lose much value, if any.

Remove the NA328 boards. Some think that removing the tape buffers brings gains but I wouldn’t because if they then get lost you end up with an incomplete unit and you may not be able to use it with a recorder.

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Have you compared the 62 and 32.5 on the 160? Wondering what a like for like comparison would sound like. I’ve read the 62 is a bit more forward. Thanks is.

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I haven’t yet tried the 32.5 on the 160 yet, but your description makes sense. The 32.5 pushes the sound a little further away, maybe the brightness is the signature of that?
I like the sound of all of the Naim equipment I have, and the experimenting is half of the fun, especially at this time where we can’t go anywhere.

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Most of us just leave spare components in the original box so that they don’t get ‘lost’ but I can see how that might be a problem for you, Richard…


Interestingly, I had a conversation with a well regarded audio engineer this week and his recommendation was to leave the buffer boards in. The theory being that the extra draw form the HiCap can help stabilise things (these are my words not his, there was technical language and understanding that was beyond my ability). On this note, I will remove the 328 cards and leave the buffer cards in and enjoy. Richard’s advice was sport on as usual, maybe for a different reason.

I have two weeks off over Easter and will enjoy a little swapping around of amps, pre amps and Power supplies to see which combination works best for me. I’ll start a different thread on this nearer the time.


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