Which ampli with NAC 72?

I would like to know which is the best amplifier to pair with the pre NAC 72.

I had a NAP140 with mine (for most of the nineties) but I’m sure a HiCap/250 would be very nice too.


Its natural partner is a 250 but any amp from the same era, 140/180/250 or a pair of 135s will work nicely. What is the rest of the system ?

Don’t forget, once you go 250/135 you’ll need a Hi-Cap to power the 72

James thank you very much.

Sorry Ampli Naim NAP 90 Olive

The rest of the system consists of the turntable Ariston RD70 CD Naim CDI and Kef 7 series speakers.

I’d look for a nice 140 and a Hicap which should be a nice upgrade. Other than that, keep what you have and treat the 72 and 90 to a service if they need one.

I use an Olive 250/HiCap with mine – works a treat!


72/hi/140 here. Happy but have an upgrade itch to replace the 140 by a 250.

A bit off topic, but back when Naim were manufacturing speakers I heard a NAP140 driving a pair of DBLs at very impressive levels. It was capable of filling a huge expanse with distortion free music, but I will admit, it did keep tripping the over temperature protection when really pushed.

But it was very loud & amazing from such a modest little box.



140 then 250 olives here…
Both work a treat but of course more control with the bigger amp

Absolutely - the regulated supplies make a huge difference in terms of control & detail.


“Best?” Difficult to say, as so many variables exist.

However, I think the happiest I’ve been with a system (before now) was when I had a 72/Hicap/250.

Same here. 72/HiCap/250 all serviced recently. No intention of upgrading this for the foreseeable future. Sounds wonderful.

I had my NAC 72 recently refurbished at the factory along with the Hi-Cap and chrome bumper NAP250 I’ve owned since the 90s. The combination is fantastic. Chrome or olive 250s can be had for bargain money there days it seems, but factor in the refurb. Also the bonus of also recently buying a NDX 2 is that I now find that have a remote control for the volume of the NAC 72.

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